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As leading WordPress website developers of Dubai, we are focussed on transforming the way WordPress works. Our expert team of WordPress developers will work with you from the ideation phase until the delivery to give you a powerful, streamlined and secure website. Be it any theme of your choice, any plugins that you want to assimilate, any third-party applications that you want to integrate on the website, our experts can do it for you. We check the feasibility and always keep room for enhancement and updates on the website. Precisely, we do the best for your business that will fetch you great prospective traffic and in turn, çreate an impact on your leads and sales.


As the leading WordPress agency in Dubai, we empower our clients for success with scalable, quantifiable, secure and SEO friendly WordPress Websites.


PSD to WordPress Conversion

Get a delightful experience on all devices with designs for all screens using our PSD to WordPress Conversion services. Our in-house designing team will work with our dedicated WordPress developers to scope your website to all the requisite screen sizes, and giving you the responsive experience you looked forward to.


WordPress Migration Service

Looking to migrate to WordPress from any other platform? We are the experts you need to make a tedious migration look like a piece of a cakewalk. Our experts will help you migrate to a WordPress website seamlessly in no time without interrupting your daily business operations.


WordPress Plugin Development

Get the plugins for almost everything that can make your professional work easy. We have a dedicated gamut of WordPress consultants in Dubai who can build plugins that will ease your business’s load and help you concentrate more on sales.


Installation & Configuration

Get WordPress websites or API integrated seamlessly from one platform to another. Although it is a tedious task, we have experts at your disposal who will handle the installation and configuration – be it the first time or later – with perfect ease and professionalism.


Custom WordPress Development

Is your business new or specific to a service? Because custom businesses require custom WordPress development which we are well-versed in. Whatever are your requirements for your business, we sit with and help you prepare a bespoke WordPress website architecture that will stand out in the digital space just like your business.


WordPress API Integration

Are you fond of platform agnostics? Because we are. We build the latest WordPress APIs that require expertise and hands-on to integrate with the existing website or integrate on a newly built website. Our experts can seamlessly build or integrate any API on to the website and work on custom integrations.


Support & Maintenance

Get the best in class support and maintenance from the expert WordPress website developers in Dubai. In addition to building a mind-blowing WordPress website, we also extend our service in support and maintenance. Our experts will notify you every time there are the latest upgrade and security patches released in the market.


WordPress Theme Development

Do you have an idea in mind or a storyboard that you want to replicate for your business, online? Well, we are hands-on with it. From a creative theme to a professional storyboard, we have expert WordPress website developers that can help you with building your theme.


Multisite Development

Looking for multiple sites under one roof? We have it at Digital X. Our gamut of WordPress professionals is keen on working on multiple themes and deriving a new theme out of the lot. This way we not only extend our creative horizons but also work on multisite development as professionals.

Transform the way your website works with WordPress

Our suite of WordPress

Design and Development Process

We host and have hosted a large number of WordPress websites in the past and present. Our WordPress strategists and consultants can help you navigate through the WordPress infrastructure architecture, wireframing, best practices, development, security and final launch.

Wordpress Strategic Consultant

Identifying the boundless possibilities Welcome to Digital X, the leading WordPress website developers in Dubai. We believe in the work first, bureaucracy next approach. We will work with your team as an extension and be your professional, WordPress strategic consultancy partners - assisting you to leverage the promise and power of WordPress. Your website needs to elevate the standards of your brand and translate the business objectives into a tool that can perform online on its own. In that process, running down the boundless possibilities, scoping the business’s future online and lots more are dependent on the initial wireframe we sketch for your website. Together, we can work to create an engaging website and user experience that will not perform but also outshine your competitors – digitally.

Wordpress Wireframing Icon
Designing your business’s vision Design is not just on the aesthetic part but also on the agnostics part. We are platform agnostics that begin the entire designing process by understanding the vision for your website – how it should look like, how it should influence the user’s behaviour, what is the kind of target audience it should attract, how it should convert enquiries into prospective leads, finally how it should boost your sales and ROI – all whilst keeping in mind your branding guidelines. We are a creative team that also work on the fundamental objectives whilst dealing with the pragmatics. The entire website is not dependent on just how it looks but also the flawless user experience and a successful customer journey that will help convert website visitors into customers.

Wordpress Development Icon
Building the website that will work We are the leading WordPress Website Developers in the UAE for our “extra-mile foot” efforts. As Digital Transformation Consultants by business, any approach that we undertake will have shades of digital betterment and room for new technology and innovation. And so does the building of the WordPress websites also. Whether it is building a new website or on the existing framework, we work on it with a toothcomb with our in-house WordPress experts to integrate the functionalities and excellence that conjoints with your organization. Coding the foundation, defining the user experience, integrating the back end with the front end, building new functionalities and plugins, custom enhancements, support and maintenance are all under our forte.

Wordpress Final Launch Icon
Launching scalable websites Before we launch any website, we are ardent testers. We perform an in-depth exhaustive search throughout the website from the start till the end, get feedback on any snagging problems, address the minor faults, acknowledge any enhancement and support your team with writing and uploading content and finally give it to you as a full-fledged WordPress Website. Once you are happy with the output and we have signed it off on both sides, we launch the website at your time and date, even better, we will also recommend a time keeping in mind the business objectives. It’s that moment when we have both envisioned for your business. We finely toothcomb our in detail ‘go-live’ checklist to ensure that your new WordPress website is functioning seamlessly and is fully indexable by search engines.

Creating beautiful differences with

WordPress Website Development

We are WordPress enthusiasts that won’t just let the creativity flow but also stick to all the corporate and business fundamentals. We sketch beautiful websites and create delightful differences for you and your customers with our WordPress websites.

1 Proven Methodologies

As leading WordPress Website Developers in Dubai, we are keen on inculcating only proven and tested methodologies on our client’s website. Although we release new updates and try inventions, we want to be sure that it is already tested and proved to work effectively.

2 ISO Certified Processes

We are strict followers of ISO Certification. It is a branding that we get for our quality work and we believe that the ISO badge is a recognition and translation of the kind of work we do. We ensure to stick by all the guidelines for utmost perfection.

3 Best Quality

At Digital X, best quality scaled with top-notch ingenious solutions is what we follow. Whatever is our development – a complete website or a small plugin – we believe quality comes first. Error-free code, flawless design, perfect functionality and pristine operation is what we adhere to.

4 Competitive Pricing

We follow a competitive pricing structure that doesn’t hurt our clients and us. Good work comes with a competitive price at Digital X.

5 Sign NDA

We are your secret agents when it comes to business. We ensure to sign NDAs even though our clients don’t insist on that. It is our due consideration that we follow in Digital X to not promote plagiarism and as a goodwill gesture.

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