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Universal users on social media are intended to reach a gargantuan 3.02 billion active users every month by 2021, according to a report in Statistica. And 3.02 billion is one-third of the world’s total population. And this is appealing to the majority of word’s citizenry.

What does this draw to you???

If you are owning a business and if you are not concentrating on creating a strong brand presence on social media this year and in the following years, your customers are, already, or soon will be settling on your competitors.

Have you ever ruminated on the value of having a social media presence?

Let’s dive deeper into the social media realm today to see how social media is the face of your business today

Whilst we were doing our study, we discovered that the problem with social media most of the brands face is how to take advantage of it and not whether or not to take advantage. We are bombarded with information and facts everywhere.

With various social media platforms available today – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube – and then blogging platforms, videos, etc. – for online marketing, the most intriguing is how the brands are finding it difficult to choose the most profitable social media strategy that they can employ in their business.

And here we have earmarked a few eminent how.

(I) Leverage social media to drive traffic to your e-commerce stores.

If you own an e-commerce business, build up your business to drive more traffic and get more leads by leveraging targeted Facebook advertising. The targeted advertising will help people understand your store and know what’s in it for them. There are about 1.4 billion active Facebook users daily and people scroll for something that they would love to see. Scrolling on the page doesn’t mean that they will find your Facebook ad page and convert to purchasing customers. You have to strategically market your products in a way that entices them to make a purchase. And that can be easily achieved with Digital X experts of social media marketing strategy by hitting the right kind of people with the right kind of offers that will want them to pay.

(II) Social Media makes your relationship with customers personal

Social media is a two-way – incoming and an outgoing – platform where you have a golden opportunity to build rapport with your prospects and turn them into clients. These platforms are used not only to make an amazing sales pitch but also to reach a wider audience. Social media is about communication, interaction and open talk with your followers or visitors. It aids you in giving a human touch to your brand and build a genuine relationship with your visitors. It keeps your customers closer to you and when you address them personally, the chances are likely higher for them to stay loyal.

(III) Videos are ruling the social media and in turn, your business will succeed

These days, social media strategy algorithms have surpassed the expectation and have elevated a step higher to images and speech. You would have already started noticing that your favourite social media platforms are already repleted with short videos. These days, websites and social media are loaded with videos more than just images.

Some examples that you can include for your videos is talk about your next big launch, keep your audience engaging with what is happening in your team, show them authentic behind-the-scenes look. If you are not using videos yet, then your customers are soon going to follow your competition and you don’t want that.

(IV) Social media gives you Insights – about your business and your audience

Audiences enquire, endorse, and they also share reviews.

A business owner cannot have the biggest endorser than the users or audience. They are the most inspiring source of information about your products. They use your service and will let you know what needs and what is good that will fit their expectations.

If something works or doesn’t work well, they are likely to report it on social media through comments, reviews and recommendations. The feedback is your gold mines to track your insights and business ideas. Use those insights to discover ideas and inspiration for improving your existing products and launch new products. The social media marketing strategy consultants at Digital X will help you get valuable insights about your business and audience and in turn, to help your business succeed.

(V) Social Media boosts website traffic

Social media presence is very vital in enticing traffic to your business’s website. It directly drives traffic to your page and also improves your search’s ranking. As everyone knows, SEO is Google’s favourite task and it is the best way to get your website to reach your audience effectively. The number of visits to your page, external and internal links, content, keywords all have a direct impact on the search engines. Social media is a direct influencer for all these factors.

(VI) Use social media to tell your brand’s story

Who doesn’t love a story?

You can leverage social media to attract your customers with an engaging story about your brand. No matter how many social media transformations we will encounter, the fact that humans will love listening to an interesting story is immortal. Your story narration should be unique and interesting over your competition’s.

To differentiate yourself, connect with your right audience, improve brand loyalty and trade your vision, brand storytelling is one of the most powerful tools that you can employ.

Final Thoughts:

Whether you follow one or all the six methods, having a huge social media presence on the internet is a first great step. Growing your business online using social media is never easy and you may need an expert’s help to widen your reach to the 3.2 billion active users. At Digital X, we do social media marketing using the best marketing tools and expand your online advertising, product advertising using skilled programmatic ads. We do optimization analysis before adopting optimization techniques and discover the most sustainable ways to strengthen the face of your business using social media.

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