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This year has been a full-on and a revolutionary video year for all the marketers out there. Not just the company but also the individual bloggers, small companies, etc. No wonder the term ‘vlog’ is the most trending topic in every industry. 

It is researched that video content marketing has been used by 63% of businesses, regardless of the categories. Video marketing is decided to be one of the most important strategies to reach your brand to the audience out there. Video is progressing rapidly eclipsing the images and is certain to climb new heights sooner than we can even think of. There are also businesses that are generating a very good RoI than expected with video marketing. 

Unquestionably, video marketing is the newest additions to the advertisement toolbox. In recent times, it has been recorded as the most versatile digital marketing tools.  

 Are you still in the mist thinking to consider videos for marketing your business? Are you looking for an expert’s consultation to understand how video marketing will be a better investment above others for your business? 

Digital X can be of aid for you and your business’s RoI.


At Digital X, we strongly believe that you don’t have to be big to be global. And our key to success being the leading digital marketing consultants of Dubai is we know and understand that if business slows down in one market, we always will come up with other alternatives to reach the market – simply with other tools that will work. Our experts have identified that, for the present times, video marketing is one of the most indispensable tools and it will continue to dominate the marketing world. 

What’s the buzz?

  • Increased Brand Awareness

In simple terms, Brand recognition means to register your company’s image in the customer’s mind always. It is a way of making your audience believe that for a solution to their problem related to your business, your business should be the only go-to. This is in a way to establish positivity about your brand. 

  • Increased Conversions

Video is the best way to reach to the audience to talk about your brand. An explainer video should do to keep your audience engaged and at the same time, convey the message that you want to talk about your brand to your audience. For a business that is booming or a startup, you cannot afford to miss the first chance of talking about your brand. So having an expert to create that explainer video should fetch your more awareness and increase conversions. A short, brief and crisp video should do the market for you. 

  • RoI Boost 

With conversions splurging for the video that you have released about your business, it is a sure-fire to increase your sales and improve your RoI. You got to be with the leading strategists to plan your video content and that’s it – you are ready to rock and roll your sales and RoI. 

Also, the costs for video marketing will not trouble your marketing budget compared to the traditional marketing types. 

  • Top Rankings

Did you know ‘Search Engines’ are great fans of video marketing?

In the present times, if you had noticed, the video would be the top answer for your query on the search engine. You may notice that a video from YouTube will likely show up in the top results when you execute your query on Google. 

Here are some tips for you from Digital X’s experts to boost your video to the top 10 results:

  • Make sure to include transcriptions for your video, regardless of the language
  • Better optimize the title and description; most likely the title ‘first’ and description ‘second’
  • Utilize the category tags to its fullest
  • Incorporate the video schema
  • Include video posts in almost all the blogs

Final Result: When your video is fully optimized for titles, description, tags, keywords, your videos will obviously perform better and result in the top search results. This means higher reach and top rankings. And finally, a win-win marketing strategy.

  • Better Engagement

How many times have you found yourself immersed in videos? Longer or shorter ones.

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Emails or websites or any medium, the content with video is going to highly engage your customers and will get them lost in your brand. 

Also, there have been higher open rates recorded for any content with the video. It is all about strategy and how you register your brand. 

In a detached digital world, people are constantly seeking out ways to experience a sense of attachment that includes a connection with one another and engagement. And that’s one of the reasons why genuine storytelling will increase engagement through the use of video. Whether it is through user actions like likes, shares or comments – if you witness audience engagement for your video content, then that is an indication that you are the correct track for your business. 

Customer testimonials and recording videos to resonate your resume is also a great tool. 

  • Bolstered Trust and Confidence

Finally, building trust and gaining confidence from your future prospects, existing customers and other possible engagements should be your objective along with other business goals. In the video marketing funnel, the most working strategy will always be to introduce your company, the problem faced in general followed by how your company’s product or service will be a solution to that problem and lastly, the benefits of using your product or service. 

Generally, in the upcoming videos, you can also talk about Expert interviews, customer testimonials. Product reviews and highlight case studies that will boslter trust and confidence in your audience’s mind. 


Want the Most Powerful and Forceful Videos to boost your business? Make Digital X Transformation Consultants of Dubai your video marketing partners.

To sum up, everything that you have read above, we expect that you have your doubts cleared on how video marketing will help your marketing strategy and help in achieving the goals. It is already proved that people are expecting and willing to watch videos to remember your message and your company’s description to them. In lieu of analysing an image or reading a blog for people who don’t have time then, you want to ensure your company still stays in the mind of your audience. And that is possible only through Video Marketing. And when the content is appealing to your customers there, they will definitely come back to your content for sure. 

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