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When you ask a professional handling social media accounts for a business about the most difficult part of their job, they would most probably quote “coming up with new ideas.”

Social media marketers are expected to juggle multiple accounts for multiple businesses and keep each stream fresh and updated. The same posts cannot be recycled as it poses the risk of making the social media pages look stagnant.

Let’s face it, we have all hit a creative block somewhere down the line, not knowing what to post next on social media.

It is definitely not a simple task to come up with fresh ideas for social post content, yet it is imperative to be consistent in posting valuable posts.

Understanding the difficulty involved, we at Digital X have curated a list of ideas for social media content that you can use when you face a roadblock!

Post About Your Workspace

Give your followers a view of your workspace, or if your handling another business’s social media account, give their followers a snapshot of that company’s workspace. You can keep the image minimalistic or take a wide view of the office and include your colleagues in the picture. Such posts build trust with your followers and will help convert prospects to your customers.

Creative Social Media Post

Create A Series

Create a weekly series or even a monthly one. This will keep your followers intrigued and looking forward to the next post in line. The series could be interactive and revolve around trending, current topics that the audience is eager to know about. You can work on the series based on the audience’s reactions. Actively engaging with the audience shows them that you care and this, in turn, helps build trust. A series is a good start for your posts to show up on their feed.

Post About Your Pets

You can get creative with your pet posts and this one usually comes along easily. Take adorable pictures of furry animals and use quirky taglines. Such posts capture people’s attention and keep them interested in your social posts. You sure can expect an influx of likes, comments and shares with such pet posts.

Pet Post Picture

Run A Giveaway Or Contest

Running a contest or giveaway is sure to bring in interaction from the target audience. The word ‘free’ has a magnetic force about it. 

Although this is one of the most impactful methods to engage the target audience, it should be implemented occasionally and not frequently as it would lose its power, plus one cannot afford so many giveaways from a business perspective.

Here is a list of thing you require to run a giveaway contest:

  • The giveaway product/service
  • Point of contact after the contest
  • Terms and conditions for the contest
  • An engaging way to participate in the contest that benefits your business

Opt For Social Media Takeovers

Changing the shade of your social media feed will help gain more followers and increase engagement. Allow someone else, an influencer or another person you admire, to take over your social media. This will bring about an air of freshness to your stream. 

Handing over the social media account to the other person for a period of 24 hours or for even an entire week is how social media takeovers function. The person taking over the account will create content from their own perspectives, include their styles and methods and give your account a spin.

Repost, Retweet And Reshare

It serves good to remember that not every content piece on your social media feed should be generated by you. Promoting other brands, which add some relevance to your target audience or complements your business offerings, helps with keeping your social media page alive. Resharing posts will show your audience that you are keeping yourself up-to-date with the industry and it also helps build a follower base.


Use relatable quotes. Use quirky quotes. Use motivating quotes. Ensure the design doesn’t steal the attention, but the quote stands out to the reader. The design could be minimalistic with the text as the focal point. Thought-proving quotes have an inspirational effect on the readers and this makes them revisit your post or social media page in general.

Quotes Picture

Showcase How-To Tutorials

Such videos that help explain how to perform a specific task adds great value to the audience. With clear and concise video tutorials that takes a step-by-step approach and remains to the point, you can expect your posts to be reshared and can even see an increase in the number of likes.

These ideas should keep your social media pages active enough. You could use trending topics and latest news to generate content based on any one of the ideas mentioned above. The key is to get creative with what you have. 

Another practice that helps is taking notice of other brands’ social media accounts. Look at what they bank upon and how they manage to keep their page active and alive. 

Which idea are you going to implement first?

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