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Our Expertise

We articulate your brand into a delightful digital journey. We, as a leading web design agency in Dubai understand how digital customers slide through a website, help them unite with the content and extend to make them your active and returning customers.


eCommerce Website Development

Establish a direct-to-customer eCommerce brand with befitting your target audience, all whilst backing industry best practices.


CRM Development

Close increased deals in a very little time with Digital X’s CRM. We help you connect with your leads and customers, get insights, and grow your business.


Web Design/Development

From tablet to desktop, give your websites the union of creative and technical minds to transform ideas into engaging digital experiences.


Wordpress Website Development

We endeavour to build powerful WordPress solutions to get the business results you want at affordable costs.




Magento Development

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, as a creative Magento web design agency in Dubai we build bespoke Magento websites to meet your brand's need and drive business sales.


CMS Development

Easily change, modify and manage your website’s content in one single content hub. We have a CMS for every standard that the business wants.

How we do it?

We follow an agile and collaborative approach to help you define the correct strategy and select the right technology that will align with your business objectives, not missing out on ROI.

We, a sought-after website design company in Dubai, build a ‘scalable’ process. Just like how the offline styles vary with time, the online styles do too. What was in vogue a year ago, would look outdated today. And the same happens with websites’ design and development as well. We research and identify the latest trends and technology that will align with modern evolution and user preferences. In that process of research, we draw out different possibilities and find out what will work and what won’t. This study and analysis will further help us to work with you and define a plan.

We understand the value of ‘solid’

As Steve Jobs has quoted, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” We focus on building designs that will work seamlessly with the latest technology. Based on the research and analysis, we will begin by strategically gauging your competitors' context and customer context to make sure we design a website that orients with your business objectives and the share of revenue that you are aiming at.

Delivering you actual business outcomes by harnessing the power of advanced analytics and data will drive traffic and revenue from your customers. We help you engage with your clients, empower your audience, attract them to enjoy a beautiful digital experience and enable your business revenue.

We have ‘deep’ website expertise

This expertise comes from having worked on multiple website developments in Dubai. Bold UI design. Dynamic Web Development. Custom CMS. Feature-rich CRM. – are all part of our forte. We build an intuitive, responsive and inspiring website that won’t just look prettier but also work prettier. It will be an unprecedented user journey like no other.

We unite innovative thinking and design thinking with modern technology to deliver exceptional outcomes for you. In that process, we discover hidden problems, analyse through cogitative strategy and craft websites that will help brands to move forward.

We ‘accelerate’ business growth

At every point of website design and development, we build a smart digital strategy to accelerate your business and engage with your target audience. As growth architects, our goal is defined in achieving your business’ success and we have been labelled as one of the leading web development companies in Dubai.

After having built a design that not only looks great but also works great, we work on strategies to help you reach the target audience and discard noise. We help to transpire holistic solutions. We will help shift your brand to the forefront of your customer’s minds.

Our Platforms

We scale sizeable platforms to build and manage all your business applications with the power of simplicity and security.

Html 5/CSS

Get reliable HTML5/CSS development services that provide safe, sustainable and cross-platform and cross-devices web solutions.


Give your web applications a resilient foundation with unparalleled PHP functionality to help user experience the power of your business.

Amazon AWS

Secure, scalable and affordable storage solutions from AWS cloud hosting platform with our help – your go-to company amongst the best web development companies in Dubai.


WordPress is a UX that solves real problems and helps with latest, creative and intuitive design and user experience in mind.


Turn your website into a fully functioning tool with the most customizable eCommerce platform for building and accelerating your business, online.


Laravel’s framework is used extensively to develop common web components that usually involve layers of complexity. It supports quicker application expansion with organized syntax.


Give your websites the versatility and the best eCommerce platform that has everything you need to market online.

Other Services

Looking for other services in particular? Let us know and there isn’t anything that we can’t do at Digital X. We have experts for every stream.

Let’s talk about how we can accelerate your business.

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  • ROI driven results
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Interactive Design
  • Branding and Re-targeting
  • Lead Generation
  • 24/7 support


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From 10 - 20 Leads A Month To 5140 - 5150

510X Increase!

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Our entire team thinks of Digital X as an extension of our own company. They united our website’s positioning with a coherent creative campaign and helped us convey our objective: the significance of securing software.

XXX, Company XYZ

Digital X consultants got us ready to ride the digital world. They built us a website that speaks for itself. The ideas, foresight and implementation of strategies really drove our business and helped in increasing sales. The team is very professional and created an upbeat working period.

XXX, Company XYZ

We are a startup that availed programmatic advertising services from Digital X. Our discussion with Praveen was so insightful and new. Till date, we have seen an uprise in our sales and as promised, the speed at which our products are performing is sure to drive our ROI.

XXX, Company XYZ

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