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Are you a startup? Are you a small business? 

Did you know – you have two cogent yet cost-effective response operators that you can hire for your business at your fingertips – Facebook Advertising and Email Marketing. Facebook Advertising gives you the option to target and filter the extremely narrow audience apt for your business. You can utilize its powerful lead generation techniques and tools. And then, there is Email Marketing, which is efficient, cost-effective and yet again, powerful. You can use it to introduce your company, launch new products, etc and filter your customers through sales funnel. 


A study says that:

  • Email is used as the main medium for customer winning by up to 81% of SMBs 
  • 49% of customers have shown interest to receive emails on a weekly basis from their favourite brands
  • In the woo to receive special offers, 39% of people on Facebook follow business pages 

When Facebook and email marketing platforms are used together, the results will be supreme. 

Read the three tactics that you can effectuate in your business today to accelerate your growth and spike your sales.

Utilize Landing Pages to interlink Email and Facebook

With the help of a landing page, you can make use of Facebook Ads to help with structuring your mailing list. The landing pages can be created effectively with a planned approach keeping in mind the business objectives and goals. 

It is a general rule with the landing page to be offering something valuable to your customers. Eg: Ebooks, guides, cheat sheets, etc. And for the value you offer, you can in return get the most valuable information – email address and sometimes the contact number. And that will get automatically added to your mailing list.

This will become a winning situation for both the sides, as the customer will get what he or she needs and you will get their contact information. This information can be used in future for spreading more information about your business and get them to use your service more. 

So the whole deal lies here in building an effective landing page with CTAs that will persuade your user to click more and not distract or leave the page. 

Broadcast to similar audiences

Facebook is outstandingly brilliant and efficient when it comes to its targeting capabilities. With Facebook, you can target as wide as possible and as narrowly you need. You will have the facility to get to the basics of the targeting in order to get your message to the right audience. 

The most favourite option is to create similar or lookalike audiences. These groups of audiences already exist on Facebook with similar profiles. And that’s where the unison happens with Email Marketing. 



You have 10,000 email addresses and if you upload them to Facebook, it will automatically match those to the maximum possible Facebook profiles as it can. Let’s assume that it can locate 8000 exact matches. This is called a custom audience. After matching the names, Facebook will then look for commonalities in these 8000 profiles for building a new audience of profile customers who are not on your email list, but with commonalities. This is called your similar or lookalike audience.

With the lookalike audience sorted out, you can start sending ads to everyone in that list. The best thing about this cadre is that most of the individuals are likely to be a new audience. They perhaps don’t know you, however, they would share commonalities and interests with people that know and like you. The likeliness will attract them to your brand and eventually make them your customers. 

Identify the people who didn’t open your email

The prime need for every small scale and large scale business is to build a genuine email list. If someone has given their email address to you, it is a sure shot that they would like to receive information from you or buy from you in future. Making use of this opportunity is striking the chord and showing off your service. You can send them an email about your brand, promotions, news, offers and other information that may entice them. Emailing is probably the most efficient messaging method either for free or at a minimal cost. 

The challenge here is, not every email will be opened. The reason could be – either you have sent at the wrong time or it could contain a history of boredom. 

Did you know, 80% of emails are ignored and only 20% are opened.

So the challenge lies in reaching that fugitive 80%? 

And the answer is: Move into Facebook advertising!

With the help of your email marketing software, you can identify the people who haven’t opened your email. And that list can be uploaded to Facebook as a custom audience. As mentioned above, Facebook will, by itself, group them and match those email IDs with the names. And boom, with Facebook, you can communicate to that set and fortify your brand, drive engagement and start making sales. 

Sponsored messages

What did you think of Facebook Messenger? Just a chatting tool? 

OMG! There is much more power to that tool. 

The intersection between Facebook and Email is Facebook Messenger. It was introduced to send private messages to friends and people inside the Facebook environs. 

Knowing the value of the tool, Facebook launched Messenger to communicate with brands in 2017. This paved the way for the brands to interact with their customers in a more personalized way, called Sponsored Messages. These are the messages or promotions that you can send to Facebook profiles directly with whom the brand has already got in touch, earlier. Although you this won’t help to contact new people or the first-timers, you can use this tool to its fullest with the existing audience. 

You can use it to start a conversation about your brand, understand what your customers like and dislike, what they are looking for from you and more things that could give you sales. It is definitely a tried and tested medium for generating sales. 

Although you have an option for a chatbot, it can never beat personalization. 

Digital Marketing Panacea for your small, medium and large-scale business

With the help of Facebook advertising and email marketing, you can use it to generate sales and make a significant impact on your ROI, but all with the help of marketing experts.

At Digital X, we understand the game that will help in reaping the maximum benefit from Facebook advertising, email marketing and both. Our main proposition is we are affordable, transparent and we really listen to your business objectives. This has made us the ideal comrade in the past and also in the present with our customers to enhance your marketing.

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