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Building your business’s online reputation and managing it further is one of the most critical facets of the business to focus upon. In today’s digital world where every individual has access to publish, comment and review, maintaining a good reputation is quite an industrious task. 

As a business, your online communication can affect the audience’s perception of your business. You can influence a colossal number of people and at the same time, you could also create a negative image for your business to an equally great number!

Given the fact that any business’s audience is quite diverse in nature, catering to every type is near impossible. Despite this, you can employ certain steps to avoid any negative buzz and ensure you do not strip your business off any leads or the hard-earned customer loyalty.

The benefits of social media reputation management are not just the elimination of negative impact but also gaining the highly sought-after credibility by customers. This aids in gaining or even further strengthening the customers’ trust in your business. Below, we have collated a few tips and tools that will help manage business reputation on social media.

Know What To Monitor

It is essential to know the parameters you need to monitor in order to assess and manage your business’s social media reputation. 

  • Business’s name: 

You have to monitor all comments and messages that revolve around your business’s name. You could be a popular name in the region or you could be an upcoming one. Famous or not, ensure to monitor all possible misspellings associated with the name of your business. Misspellings are after all human errors that are likely to occur.

  • Product’s/service’s name: 

Customers might choose to mention your product or service rather than your company’s name. It is thus equally important to monitor these and the associated misspellings as well.

  • High-profile personnel: 

Your company might have well-renowned employees and it is necessary to monitor talk around their name as well. Any negative or positive comments on their work will have a direct effect on your company’s online reputation.

  • Trending keywords related to your business: 

It is important to keep a track of the prevailing buzz about your industry, the medium used to convey the buzz and the impact it could have on your business.

  • Competitors: 

It will serve good to do a thorough competitor analysis. This will help you compete efficiently and also analyze your own position in the industry as opposed to their’s.

In addition to monitoring the essential parameters, it is vital to religiously lookout for information and maintain an online reputation that the industry’s standards demand.  

Assess Your Current Reputation

While managing your social media reputation, it is ideal to assess the current scenario. You need to figure out how your audience is perceiving your business or brand before scripting a plan.

You can begin by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your online presence using a tool like Brand Grader. Google Alerts is another useful tool that will help you track the talk people are having about your business on social media. To monitor those negative feedback and reviews, Go Fish Digital is a tool that crawls through various complaint-related websites. Once you assess your current reputation, you can chart out an effective social media reputation management plan.

Encourage Customers’ Digital Reviews

This step will give you the chance to improve your business reputation on social media. Discouraging customers to give reviews or feedback will only create doubts in their minds, thereby resulting in them losing their trust in your company. Instead, allow them to review by providing them with an easy route. It could be a simple five-star rating system, a ranking system, a scale-based rating system or space where customers could type out their feedback. This action should, in turn, be complemented with the right responses to the customers’ reviews and comments.

Respond To Comments On Social Media Appropriately

Individual these days have access to post any comment on social media, positive or negative, relevant or irrelevant. Do not hesitate to take action and reply. When someone has posted or started a thread of offensive content such as hate speech or inflammatory words, it is best to nip the problem in the bud. If someone has given your business negative feedback, you can respond directly and attempt to solve their problem. This human intervention and transparency will show your customers that you care and ultimately they will start trusting your brand more! Similarly, if someone posts a positive comment on your page, it goes a long way to respond to them with gratitude. Giving your customers this individual attention and letting the entire world see it will help form a positive bond with your customers and maintain a positive online reputation.

Communication And Leveraging Hashtags

People acknowledge and appreciate content-rich social media pages. It is important the content is relevant and relatable to your customers. You can communicate the efforts you take to maintain your corporate social responsibility. Humanizing your brand voice will help your customers to connect with your brand easily. You can also provide product or service-related information and promote transparency. When it comes to effective communication, leveraging hashtags will be a favourable step. A trending hashtag in today’s digital medium forms a critical ingredient of the communication mix. It is essential to research the hashtags to avoid any misuse that might create a dent in your business reputation.

Reputation Management And ROI

Effective reputation management should also result in a healthy return on investment. You can invest in competent social media management tools and track the ROI in the form of positive feedback as well as lead generation and conversions. Today, social media referrals are equivalent to word-of-mouth marketing and might even have a greater effect in convincing customers. Individuals place a great amount of trust in an online review from another individual. With analytics tools like Google Analytics, you can track the results of your online reputation management efforts and dynamically chart out plans that address any concerns alongside improving your business. 

Final thoughts:

Building a strong and positive online reputation and managing it can be a tricky and tedious task. You might not know where to start and the steps to take. While every business is unique in its own way, the tips listed will help any business form a strong foundation for online reputation management. 

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