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Social video marketing is an important element of comprehensive marketing communication about your business. It is a well-laid out plan structured step-by-step to bolster audience or prospect engagement through social activity in the form of a video. 

Simply put, when you use a video to describe your business as to how you talk and send it to your audience, then it is called Video Marketing. 

If an image or a photo is valued a thousand words, just reckon the value of the video? That’s the base of video marketing, the forward technology or a marketing strategy that amalgamates appealing video to your marketing campaigns.

Video marketing can be used for every aspect of your business – building the brand, targeting your audience, promoting your products, services and your company. It can serve as a channel to showcase live-stream events, how-to’s, DIYs, promote customer testimonials, product reviews and provide the most viral word now ‘viral’ and entertaining content.

How does Video Marketing work?

The answer is pretty simple and you would have already guessed by now: You plan the content and convert that into engaging video, which in a way will deliver the message about your brand and business. In addition, it will also further advance and promote your company, increase sales, uplift awareness of your services and products, and engage your customers. It is definitely time-consuming and difficult in the beginning. To break your routine from the conventional methods and apply it to a new practice altogether requires time and efforts. 

Similar to all other marketing approaches which were once difficult in the beginning, video marketing is complicated but it is data-driven, results-oriented. In order to keep track of this, you will need to keep track of various other metrics and monitor customer engagement.

To build develop your video marketing strategy, you will need to:

  • Allocate dedicated resources: It ain’t expensive but you still want to allocate a pretty good sum at least in the beginning for your video marketing budget. Consultants, software for creating videos, editing tools, and a video marketing consultant and an expert and most importantly, unrushed time. 
  • Communicate your genuine story: If you don’t have an interesting story, then build one. Storytelling is an art and people are never tired or bored of listening to interesting stories. And this leaves you with an apparent answer to how stories will help your video marketing. Get brainstorming now. 
  • Engage: It is never enough to cook up some story and narrate it without any human touch. The stories will be remembered only when they relate with your customers. So take your time and build a cogent story. 
  • Keep it succinct: Although there is no defined length, keeping the attention span of a human, it is wise to keep your story short and succinct. Be very ruthless with your editing. We understand every part of your story will feel important, however, you got to analyse will it be important for your customer. Edit and Cut. Edit and Cut. Repeat the process until you have snipped out everything irrelevant. 
  • Publish: Publish it everywhere possible – meaning publish your video on all your online presence – from blogs to social media, everywhere. And then promotes promote, promote.
  • Analyze: Finally, monitor your numbers and metrics, to decide which videos are performing and which are not and why. 

Challenges of Video Marketing

The prime challenge was the cost. And it was in the times when video marketing was a totally strange concept. However, with its booming effect, not that the costs have drastically reduced, the companies have upgraded themselves and have far realized that investing money in video marketing is worth their returns. In addition, the equipment cost, editing software, tools for all the publishers and the usage of data from an audience’s perspective is relatively high. Thanks to the service provider’s flexible plans. 

However, these challenges are not big compared to laying out a strategy by a company. To see the returns that you have envisioned, you need video marketing and content strategists and this means huge money. The soothing part is the returns that you would see and your boost in your RoI. And so let’s put it under surmountable obstacles. 

As a company, you need to put your complete attention on – How to develop a concrete and effective video marketing strategy, how to build content that will be worth people’s consumption. and how to create engaging videos that will get shared by your customer. 

Types of Videos

1. How-To Videos

Educational or Instructional videos are in the trend. And the first thing that rings a bell is the DIY Videos. You can use such videos to educate your audience to build foundational knowledge and learn something new. And these videos can be used by your internal team for the new joiners.

2. Explainer Videos

As the name says, this video is used to help your audience understand why and how your service and product can be of help to them. You can incorporate a fictional or a genuine story to your video that will appeal to your customer’s persona. And it should convey the problem and the solution to it. 

3. Animated Videos

The animation is not only a children’s go-to but also adults. These videos are a great approach for every hard-to-grasp concept. Replacing difficult-to-interpret visuals with animation will engage your audience more. 

4. Live Videos

Live videos are booming. It is a way to encourage all the customers online to take a sneak peek of what’s happening in your live video. It gives your audience an extra special, behind-the-screens look of your company. Going live is a way to tell your viewers that you are in reality what they are seeing and it will give your higher engagement rates. Live-stream presentations, question and answer sessions, interviews, and events, promote trust and encourage your viewers to further engage.

5. Personalized Videos 

Videos are the most creative ways to continue your earlier conversation over messages or emails. You can use software to record and send personalized suggestions and recommendations for a product. These videos will be delightful, create a unique moment for your prospects and will build trust in their purchase journey. 

6. Demo Videos

Demo videos will explain how your product will work and what methods will it work in. Whether it is a tour of your product, service or your software, unboxing and testing a product – everything can be explained in a demo video. 

7. Brand Videos

Brand videos are usually brand campaigns to showcase your company or your business. It will be a dedicated set of campaigns that will talk about your brand, communicate your brand’s mission and vision and objectives. The objective is to construct awareness around your business and to intrigue and lure your target audience.

8. Expert Interviews

Recording and playing interviews of thought leaders and experts in the market is a great way to promise your customers about your brand. It is in a way telling them that they can rely on your brand for the questions that they may have and you will produce relevant content to answer all their queries. 

Final Thoughts

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, then don’t as this is a great marketing tool that can be at your company’s disposal. At Digital X, we have dedicated Video Marketing Consultants and Digital Marketing Experts that can elevate your brand and become your growth architects. We grow with your brand and we believe our success lies in your digital acceleration. 

Contact us to know more. 

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