With the emergence of COVID-19, the entire mankind has been jolted. People are slowly getting used to the new normal by adapting to social distancing, remote-working, and most of all shopping online. Panic buying, crowding at marketplaces, etc., forced the administrations to go on complete lockdown. 

But the immediate survival demands of the public must be met. The sudden spike in online shopping patterns during the lockdown period thus made the E-commerce Marketing dominant. In other words, advertising and selling of the products online became evident.

DigitalX introduces you to this ultimate guide to boost your online store, during COVID-19.

The Essentials of an E-commerce Website Development.

  • Build a cynical website, with a fresh layout, impressive and intriguing landing pages.
  • Make the website compatible on all platforms like mobiles, laptops, and tabs.
  • Monitor the page loading speed frequently and fix them instantly. A fast website calls for quick purchases.
  • Introduce sophisticated content like product reviews, tutorials, blogs, videos, infographics. Market the same content on various online platforms.
  • Invest in meticulous optimization of the content, both on-page and off-page SEO for No. 1 ranking on search engines.
  • Incorporate gateways for online payments, transactions, wallets, credits, and, EMI. There is a minimum cash transaction happening during this pandemic. 
  • Make provisions for online tracking, quick communications, chatbots, and customized engagement with the user. 
  • It is wise to sell and display only essential products and optimize them with the right keywords.
  • Provide safety instructions about handling the products during COVID-19 and highlight how as a company you are following the norms.

The Golden rules of E-commerce Advertising and Marketing during COVID-19

  • PPC Marketing: While SEO helps you rank organically PPC (pay per click) marketing ensures your visibility on the top. Paid ads have seen a downfall during this COVID season. Hence use them only if you are compelled to.
  • Email Marketing: Grab the attention of your consumers who are visiting their inbox frequently while they work from home, by methodically positioning your Emails to build awareness, conversion, and retaining them.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media these days is equal to a fundamental digital identity of any individual. When the world is connected online than ever, you could be missing out on a huge no. of prospects if you are not following them here.
  • The Deserted Cart: For various reasons, the cart is usually abandoned or forgotten. Use all tactics to remind your prospects to complete the deal.
  • Influencer Marketing: When done in the right way and choosing the right influencer, effective and compelling outreach can be attained. 
  • Local Marketing: With restrictions on movement across locations now, E-commerce marketing can hit the bull’s eye in localized communities. Apply simple rules by understanding the demands of the community and retaining them through irresistible offers.
  • Affiliate & Loyalty Programs: Identify and co-work with your loyal customers on commission basis for a win-win situation. The same marketing when done online is termed as an affiliate program. They wouldn’t mind having a side-gig during this isolated situation.
  • Value-added Services: Introduce some features in entertainment and learning as these demands are at its peak and brings in customer-base naturally.

Contact a professional E-commerce Development firm in Dubai like DigitalX, who can take care of your Online Marketing end to end while sticking to the relevancy of the crisis and help you empathize with your consumers.

 Happy and safe selling!

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