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Our Approach

We make social media marketing both simple and efficacious with an approach that is more concrete and pertinent. We align you with the right audience, provide you with unique value and different market opportunities to endow your business. 

As one of the best social media marketing companies in Dubai, we align our strategy with your business goals by eradicating boundaries between marketing, technology, programmatic and design through our unified approach. 

The mantra we follow is to invest, adapt and grow the future of your business with us through Conception. Innovation. Induction.

Be seen on Social Media

Insights, Inspiration and Connections to help you be powered by technology and strengthened by results to get your digital marketing done right.


Social Media Audit & Strategy

Get your business’s social media profiles and strategies assessed and optimized by performing a social media audit to help you stay ahead of your competition.

And in that process, we will help them in improving their marketing strategies using different mediums.


Email Marketing Services

Optimize sales, foster leads and generate revenue through our content development and promotion, Get the conversion content that elicits an affirmative emotion and results in the desired action.


Multi-Channel Integration

Establish quality interaction with your customers through all direct and indirect channels. Also, combine physical (real) and virtual channels to sell and distribute the product.


Social Advertising

Increase your content popularity, enhance engagement, optimize outlay and drive more leads for better audience targeting.


Social Listening and Monitoring

Get well researched and analysed information to confirm your business goals, delineate and take action. In addition, get access to what your customers are thinking. 


Analytics and Reporting

Get your data organised as we monitor your business’s performance and give you insights on interpreting data and reports.

Want to become a social media influencer?

How we do it?

We help you increase brand recognition, brand loyalty and reach only targets by creating intriguing content, engaging ads and building user interest all whilst decreasing advertising costs and providing better insights.

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Take a plunge into social media We are here to help you make the best choice to showcase your brand on social media and to ramp up your social media strategy. With our experienced social media experts, you can create a bespoke strategy that will work for your business and user-generated content that will build a lookalike community. We reach out to the audience on multi-channels and ensure you ‘stand out’ amidst your competition.

Create Content Icon
Stand out with an elicit content online Over time, thanks to the increasing use of the Internet for letting the best content outshine others. The value of compelling and targeted content is so high and in reach that Google picks up its best list when people search for it. This powerful content, when combined with SEO’s best practices, will help you not only in bringing any traffic but the right traffic. We will create the best content for your business that will attract the targetted audience and give you a hefty digital face.

Lead Conversion Icon
Uncover great lead with Digital X, effortlessly First things first: with the information that we already have about what you are looking to achieve for your business through social media, we will plan to target your leads accordingly. Perhaps, it could be a social-savvy customer, an influencer who has a voice in the industry, teenagers, etc. Either way, we will get you the leads that will align with the business goals, strategy and the vision. Remember social media planning and strategy is a marathon and not a sprint.

Amplify IT Icon
Social media planning is a marathon There are a lot of social channels to leave you confused. The challenging part is to identify which will work for you and your business at its best. Leave that to the Digital X’s social media experts. We will not only help you in identifying the right platform but also amplify your brand massively that will make you stand out as influencers. We religiously monitor, analyse and extract reports that will help in improving your social face from time to time.

Measure IT Icon
Enhance the trueness and acknowledgement For a business to function without sales is impossible. Similarly, for an expert marketer to function without reports is impossible. At Digital X, we take the reports seriously. Every amount spent on marketing is tracked and measured for results. The goal to measure every result is to rewire and reform the journey to the success of your business. Whether you are a startup or an established firm, we will have you covered with results.

Social Media Reality Icon
Piecing it together The best part about social media marketing is to not beat around the bush and stick to reality. As the best social media consultants of Dubai, we stick to reality and bring light on it. The fact that Rome was not built in a day applies to building your online presence as well. What we assure you is to start the process of image and brand building from Day #1 so as to reap the benefits realistically and gradually. We assure you a steady inclined growth and revenue.

Social Media Playbook

Whilst it is easy to get swayed by a lot of platforms available online, we are here to guide you to the right platform for the results that you are looking for.

Facebook Icon

Facebook is the 3rd most visited website in the world and having the best face on Facebook is very vital. With the social media experts of Dubai at your disposal, you can prove your business as an industry leader via our powerful strategy and content.

LinkedIn Icon

When it is business social media, LinkedIn is the first name that pops. It is one of the best mediums for businesses to breed their own leads and establish professional relationships with other like-minded individuals.

Twitter Icon

473,400 tweets are sent on Twitter every minute. And this number is your opportunity to outshine your business. With all the sure-fire insider tips to skyrocket your business, our team at Digital X will help you stay ahead of your competition.

Instagram Icon

Instagram is the new cool for business these days. With a strong tool to create social videos and graphics that grab attention, the future for your business is very compelling and durable.

YouTube Icon

YouTube is transforming the way the business used to work. From ads to creating engaging videos, this powerful tool is one of the important platforms that need to be adopted for your business under the umbrella of experts fro Digital X.

Want to transform your business?

Social Media Strategy

Why Social Media Matters?

When it comes to social media, it is always the details that matter. Comprehending those details leads your business halfway on your path to a successful digital marketing strategy.

  • Social Interaction
  • Improves your ranking on Search Engines
  • Way to connect with your audience
  • Customer Insights and data to excel your brand
  • Build Brand Loyalty and Image
  • Reach your potential prospects and discard noise
  • Builds relationships with your customers


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