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SMS Marketing

To send any promotional content, OTP, offers or short messages, SMS is the first platform that anyone could remember of. We follow a non-invasive approach of letting people know about the best product or service that is awaiting them through the SMS, also called a push notification. We diligently select the audience based on your business and ensure the SMS adds real value to every inbox it lands in.

Digital X’s SMS Marketing Platform – SMS by Ninja – intends to succour your company leverage marketing, sales, brand awareness, customer base – through campaigns and effective promotional actions.

Industries we specialize in

Whether you are budding in the market or already established business, as an SMS service provider via the – SMS by Ninja platform, Digital X – is scaling to new popularity heights because of the benefits, ease of use and user-friendly services offered.


Finance and Banking

Turn your abstract offers, information into a profitable reality by sending short and effective SMSes through the bulk SMS gateway - SMS by Ninja - to the finance and banking sectors to reach the widest audience offline.



Automate and send across every aspect of hospital management and patient care with a bespoke customer journey and offers via SMS by Ninja that acts as a bulk SMS gateway.



Educational apps are a thriving business. Tell the world about your amazing business via Digital X’s SMS by Ninja effective SMS in an interactive way to help students study.



Automate business processes and manage the overall communication message of your eCommerce by updating your customers and staff real-time via SMS Marketing in Dubai using the SMS by Ninja.


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Automotive Solutions

Keep your customers engaged with your new product launch and innovation used in your Automotive Industry via our top-notch messaging service for business - SMS by Ninja SMS Marketing platform.


Transportation & Logistics

Create operational brilliance in transportation and logistics, save time on retrieving information about your customers, etc and enjoy a seamless SMS Marketing journey with SMS by Ninja.


We are focussed on building a captive audience for your brand through our ingenious ambit of services.


Promotional SMS

Effective conversions demand effective messaging service for business. As a marketer, your prime need will be to ensure your traditional, yet proficient SMS marketing strategies are paying off. With Digital X’ s SMS by Ninja SMS marketing platform, you can easily send customized promotional SMSes like offers, discounts and introductory promotions to whizz your brand’s presence.


Transactional SMS

With SMS by Ninja’s SMS Marketing platform, send your transactional messages with great ease and security. We are the trusted partners of our customers who are completely reliant on us to share their most confidential database. You can send OTPs, booking and order alerts, tracking information to all your registered customers without any hassle.



One-Time password or an OTP SMS is the system to send secure codes to a registered mobile number. The OTP SMS can be used for all money and payment transactions and SMS by Ninja holds an upper hand in it. At Digital X, we assure you the safest OTP SMS services.


Free API

At Digital X, the best SMS provider, we give our clients a well-defined SMS API software interface that will enable them to send effective and short messages to their intended recipients via an SMS Gateway. Your customers can easily send and receive text messages through a coherent logic built by us.

Power your communication with an influential SMS Marketing Platform


SMS by Ninja has a broad range of features and we can easily integrate with your application. Whilst the most important features are by default, we turn on add-on upon request thus making complicated systems a thing of the past.

1 Premium Sender ID

We help your business engage with the customer through a real-time sender ID and not just mere alphabets or numbers. We guarantee a 100% delivery which also includes a 100% viewing the message.

2 Bulk SMS

Personalize your SMSes and run any volume of SMS campaigns to your customers. We don’t restrict you on numbers and assure a 100% delivery rate.

3 Super Fast Delivery

Once you have set up your automation, integrated, personalized the message and defined goals, you can then set it up for delivery. A click on the software will ensure your SMSes are delivered in no time to the entire database.

4 Easy-to-use Platform

With an easy-to-use platform, you don’t need to be a software pro or a techie to use SMS by Ninja. We have built a comprehensive platform that should show you any result that you are looking for in an instant.

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We have presented to you the basic questions that you may have. In case you don’t find your question listed below, please feel free to contact us.

What is SMS by Ninja?

SMS by Ninja is the SMS Marketing Platform of Digital X that will allow you to reach bulk audience at a time. As a bulk SMS gateway, it is one of the most valuable tools to deliver information right in the hands of your customer. Reach millions of targetted customers to build their trust, drive sales and engage exponentially.

What user access do I get with SMS by Ninja?

You will have access to view and track activity screens, delivery statistics, bounce rates, performance, responses and other important metrics. 


Is there a guaranteed delivery?

We follow a transparent approach to track and analyse the insights from the SMS marketing campaigns. Whether it is managing SMS, MMS, Push or OTT programs, we put all the data to use so we can filter streamlined data to yield conversions. We promise you a 100% delivery.

What are marketing options available in SMS by Ninja?

Easy integration, clear-cut automation, set alerts, define goals set up automatic opt-in and opt-out and do a lot more – we are completely customizable to fit your business needs.

What is the cost?

Speak to one of our Digital Marketing experts to get the best plan for your business needs as per your usage. We have flexible plans that grow with you.


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