Deliver important messages, anytime, directly in the hands of your customer

Leveraging SMS: An essential to reach a bulk audience at a time

When we were just thinking that SMS is obsolete, research proves that short-message-server remains to be one of the most valuable tools to deliver information right in the hands of your customer. Reach millions of targetted customers to build their trust, drive sales and engage exponentially.

Unlock the potential of SMS Marketing with Digital X and SMS by Ninja with a bespoke strategy for your brand. When paired with the best, there is nothing digital can’t do to amplify your business.

Develop, Deploy and Track your SMS marketing campaigns

We, at Digital X, follow a transparent approach to track and analyse the insights from the SMS marketing campaigns. Whether it is managing SMS, MMS, Puh or OTT programs, we put all the data to use so we can filter streamlined data to yield conversions. You will have access to view and track activity screens, delivery statistics, bounce rates, performance, responses and other important metrics. We promise you a 100% delivery.

Easy integration, clear-cut automation, set alerts, define goals set up automatic opt-in and opt-out and do a lot more – we are completely customizable to fit your business needs.

In 2018 SMS holds an open rate of 98%
– HuffingPost

87% of millennials state that their smartphone never leaves their side
– zogby analytics

Mobile marketing campaign that ignores SMS text marketing also ignores 24% of the population. That is the equivalent of 76 million potential customers.

Redefine your business with perfect SMS Marketing

Customer Care

Directly reach out to your prospects and help them with their queries. Get information instantly about your prospects.


Unlock the potential of SMS marketing by sending only appropriate, engaging and customized SMSs to retain the existing customers and attract new prospects.

Metrics that matter across multiple messaging channels

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