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Are you planning to join the e-commerce business revolution?

If yes, welcome to the ‘$4.8 Trillion Club’ because that is the estimated retail e-commerce sales for 2021, worldwide. Skyrocketing!!

If no, then you are missing on those big numbers and it’s time you cut yourself some slack from your mundane and start focusing on skyrockets.

Digital X has realized the big numbers and we are already on a spree in getting those big numbers recorded for our annual turnover. We offer holistic E-commerce services from devising strategy till delivering marvel.

Keep reading to find out more about Digital X E-commerce solutions trend analysis.


What’s the hype?

Drop Shipping model

This would be the most benefiting business model for e-commerce businesses that either have very less capital or no capital at all, to begin with. The process involves acting as an intermediary between the manufacturer or supplier and retailer or customer.

You will process the order and inform the manufacturer/supplier so the product can be shipped directly to the consumer without you handling the product, physically. Thanks to the internet.

With relatively very less risk and many advantages involved with this business,

  • You will place an order only after the customer has paid
  • You won’t need to spend money on your inventory
  • You’ll bear very little overhead costs

Omnichannel Shopping

With 3.48 billion people on overall social media, the awareness for shopping has increased multiple times. People juggle between channels and social handles that help them in their shopping journey. 73% of customers use multiple channels for shopping.

To expand your business as an online trader, you need to mark your presence on all the channels that your shoppers may possibly use. From Amazon to eBay, Flipkart, store websites and what not. You have to break conventions from the normal brick and mortar and expand invariably big. Digital X can help you build websites that will be feasible for all E-commerce services.

Social Media Shopping

Like Amazon, Flipkart, and other platforms have engagement, there is relatively more engagement recorded on Social Media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc. It has made the shopping experience so easy that there are “Buy” or “Shop Now” buttons available right in front of the product. The handles are now more than just advertising spaces.

Everyone has got cheesy fingers with shopping on Social media and it is highly necessary that you make your shopping experience for your customers as easy and pleasant as possible.

The shopping experience is as simple as showing the product’s

  • Image
  • A brief description
  • The cost
  • The direct link to purchase

How easy does this sound or look!

Spread across horizons

Owing to the wake of globalization and enhancement of technology and innovation, your E-Commerce shift must have an international approach. This international approach is to ensure your global accessibility and never fall short of options for global people. However, globalization doesn’t mean you should have a physical presence abroad. The easy way to manage here is to identify the right and trustworthy partners who you can depend on to create demands for your products abroad.

Personalize the E-commerce experience

If you haven’t tracked the history of your visitors and show them the wrong products, you are inviting troubles for you. Personalization in this world has become an essential If your website or your ads are not personalized, you are losing business.

Research shows that 33% of customers have ended their association with a business because of less or no personalization.

It is a sophisticated marketing strategy where you can dynamically display individualized products to the visitors based on their demographics, purchasing history, browsing behaviour and other relevant information. Digital X can introduce you to a number of such E-commerce services for personalization strategy.

And the best way is to how relevant products at the time of checkouts.

Mobile Shopping

By the end of 2019, it is expected that over 5 billion people will have a smartphone. And this is the sales revenue that you can generate.

With mobile being a ubiquitous device, people want to rely on the easy mobile experience for shopping. And this means  you should join the mobile shopping club by providing

  • Building a mobile app: need not sound daunting with the number of technologies and options available. With a mobile app for your business, you can be certain that you already have 54% of consumers. So get your sleep app ready immediately.
  • Push notifications to engage and re-engage: How many devices will give you this option. Be the first to announce sales and discounts so you can encourage your customers to shop on your app. And this is another way to re-engage customers that didn’t shop previously.
  • Easy mobile-checkout: This is a very important step and you are prone to 26% of cart abandonment because of a lengthy or complicated checkout process.

Have you built your friendly mobile app yet?

Custom Goods Packing

How many times have you thought about this?

Your customers feel they are entitled to uncovering better packages for the purchase they have made. And many businesses have packaging as part of their feedback.

So, any e-commerce business that wants to outperform the brand should start custom packaging and make the rand recognizable. You can depend on third-party solutions as well and they will take care of bespoke packaging for every customer based on their purchase.

Seamless checkout and payment

After all the above checklists, you have now reached the final step and the most important step. However pleasant experience you have given your users hitherto will go for a toss when this step is wrong. Here is where you would either make a conversion or break.

Already the customer has gone through a lot of steps selecting and purchasing and has finally decided to buy. You have to ensure this last process is made as seamless and short as possible, so you end up making revenue.

Complex, multiple steps for payment will definitely leave your customer tired and abandon the purchase.  26% of cart abandonment because of a lengthy or complicated checkout process.

Final thoughts

The future is coherent and lucid. E-commerce is eternal and growing profusely. With a growing audience on social media, the rise of numerous technologies and infrastructure, awareness, the future of e-commerce is bright in 2019 and is said to get the brightest in the upcoming years. Arm yourself strong with the 8 trends mentioned above and elevate your e-commerce business.

Want to increase your sales and improve your RoI? – Digital X E-commerce Solutions in Dubai can help you achieve your dream for future sales.

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