Programmatic Advertising

A Digital Strategy to a Digital Transformation

Reach only prospects.
Discard noise.

Digital X is a robust, approachable programmatic trading desk. We work as your extension to help you decide the right DSP for your audience. And we administer your entire online advertising with smart and strategic targeting methods.

Targeting right customers at the right time when in the right place digitally is our forte. With an audience-first method, we strive to accomplish your marketing mission.


We help you decide platforms revolving around the behavior of your Customers


Display & Video 360

With Google’s perfect programmatic buying platform, communicate with always-connected consumers where it matters. DBM gives you entry to top-tier inventory across all types of screens and media. Besides, access the real-time insights to give a meaning to your buys.

Accurate – Targeting
and Optimization

A single access

made simple

Premium video

100% Fraud

Media Math

MediaMath is the leading, independent and straightforward programmatic company for digital marketers. It is a union of audience data, intelligence machine learning and omnichannel media – all in a sole programmatic platform. The intelligent approach enables marketers to talk to the right audiences and helps in achieving the outcomes they aspire. They help influence good experiencing and meaningful ads that would drive quantifiable results.

Tube Mogul

Adobe Advertising Cloud is an independent, end-to-end ad platform for uniting and automating all media, screens, data, and creativity. It maximizes audience impact and plans programmatic ad campaigns through advanced advertising experiences across all digital screens, including the Traditional TV.

Cross Channel


Audience at the Core

All in a Single Platform


InMobi is a leading technology company providing cloud-based intelligent mobile platforms, globally, for enterprise marketers. The company supplies a unified marketing hub with intelligent, connected platforms to reach over 1.5 billion users across 32000 premium mobile properties. Make every moment count with your mobile to gain users and maximize mobile revenues.

Brand Engagement

User Acquisition



Adform is an independent, worldwide digital media advertising technology company. The company allows access to a complete suite of enterprise software for marketers and advertisers that will find, track and engage with the audience across numerous mediums. With Adform, get access to Advertiser’s edge, the industry’s full stack proposition which includes standalone Ad server, DSP, data management platform and a powerful collection of self-creative tools.

Media Agnostic

Real-time data

Omni-Channel Options

Data Efficiency

Trade Desk

Trade Desk is an online advertising marketplace built using a robust tech stack. Omnichannel targeting, data management platform. A new-gen company that empowers buyers of advertising around the world. Data is the fulcrum to every information. With Trade Desk’s fully integrated DMP, reach suitable listeners, make real-time decisions and maximize the power of multi-device insights.

Lookalike modeling

Data element report

Data Marketplace


Amoebee Turn runs on an unparalleled infrastructure in the marketing realm. It’s ranked first for being the fastest in the world amongst advertising professionals. It’s immensely scalable and highly efficient as it covers 50% of the internet and handles high data volume. The numbers are quantified to describe their technological intensity.

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