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In a marketplace that is becoming increasingly competitive, brand identity is what will help a company/business stand out from the rest.

Let’s Understand What A Brand Identity Is

Brand identity can be understood by assuming its literal sense; it is the unique identity of a brand that people recognise it by. This brand identity includes the design of the logo, the colour, a tag line and many other elements as decided upon by each individual brand. It is with these combinations of elements that a brand presents itself to the public.

The various elements involved in brand identity are:

  • Logo
  • Logo variations
  • Wordmark
  • Key colours/ colour palette of the brand
  • Typefaces
  • Images and content with a consistent style
  • Typographic treatments
  • A library if graphical components
  • A strong style guide

A well-established company keeps a close eye on its brand image or identity. Such companies tend to have a dedicated corporate communications team that focuses on maintaining brand identity. The team ensures that the identity and communication complement the business objectives. 

A smaller organization, despite not having a dedicated corporate communications team, can still ensure to build and maintain a strong brand identity that will help elevate the brand. This brand identity is how a brand or a business creates awareness and loyalty amongst prospective and existing customers.

Exciting Brands With A Strong Brand Identity. Take Notes … 

  1. Nike

    The brand has a well-established brand logo and identity, with an instantly recognisable logo. The name and logo can easily be memorized by anyone who comes across it. Nike has built a strong image such that it has generated customer trust. The name, design and the legible typographic convey high quality and stylish feel. 

    Nike Brand Identity

  2. McDonald’s

    From elders to kids and every person in between recognize the McDonald’s ‘M.’ Want some fries? Let’s head to McD. This brand doesn’t need any extensive introduction. The brand is strongly ingrained in every person’s mind not just due to its strong market presence but due to the sufficient ads run. In each piece of communication to the public, the brand displayed the golden arches whilst also letting the customers know the speed of delivery. This way, the brand is recognised as a joint that delivers food at top speed. With minor changes in the branding, today the global campaign ‘I’m lovin’ it’ implies the public’s love for the brand and the food by McD.

    McDonald’s Brand Identity

  3. Coca-Cola

    Of course, at first, there was just the logo. But over the years, the brand maintained the chosen colour palette, wordmark and typeface and today, the logo has become the heart of the brand’s identity. No matter the evolution of the product packaging, i.e., the bottle shapes, the wordmark was used across all of it, impregnating itself in the consumers’ minds. Every advertising and marketing efforts showcased a consistent usage of the wordmark and the colour palette. The brand is also recognised as an emotional brand, associating itself with ‘happiness’ that is communicated clearly through all their advertisements.

    Coca-Cola Brand Identity

  4. Mercedes-Benz

    This is a German automobile company that sets a great example for establishing a strong brand identity. How did this brand become an exemplary one? Well, for starters, it kept it’s focus narrow and targetting – the luxury space. With every branding activity of communication that was sent out to the public, it maintained singularity, emphasising on style, prestige and performance. Today, when a consumer comes across the Benz name or symbol, they easily associate it with the word ‘prestige.’

    Mercedes-Benz Brand Identity

  5. Rolling Stones

    One of the most iconic band logos of all time, the rolling stones sets an excellent example for a strong brand identity. The illustrated logo is instantly associated with rock and roll and aptly represents the band’s nature – provocative and anti-authority. This fun logo has gained immense fame and has endured the test of time owing to its mere aptness of the band image’s representation. 

    The Rolling Stones Brand Identity

  6. Apple

    How could we possibly collate a list of brands with a strong image without including this one? One of the most successful brands of today, the organization has created a loud and strong brand identity, sticking to simplicity and clean graphics. The logo depicts the brand name in a unique way by using the bitten fruit rather than the whole. The brands built its identity with consistent usage of the logo and refined it over the period with just minimal changes that today, the brand is one of the most sought-after ones. The logo today is perceived to be synonymous with ‘high-end’ products.

    Apple Brand Identity

These are well-known brands and you can see how they have played the game of branding. Be it for brand identity design including corporate brand identity, logo creation or naming, at Digital X, our creative heads will come up with unique, apt and creative ideas that will showcase your business the way you want. It is completely in your hands about how the people perceive your business instead of leaving this to chance. Every communication that goes out from your side will have an effect on your brand. Inconsistency in brand building will have a negative effect. It will serve good to practice consistent brand building and anchor a strong brand identity in the marketplace. 

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