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A powerful, easy to use email marketing platform designed to achieve your marketing goals. With Jet X’s email marketing medium – choose captivating pre-designed email templates, build content, get personal, easily segment and reach big numbers, optimise message delivery, and track email success rate, all without being a pro.

Whatever are your marketing goals,
we make it possible with Jet X email service.

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Sending emails just got easier with our email marketing platform. You don’t need to be a pro to use our email marketing dashboard, that’s how simple it is. Just design and schedule your emails, select your recipients and it will work on autopilot, tirelessly.

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Email API

Integrating Jet X with your CRM is a walk on the cake. With easy, powerful and sturdy Jet X Email’s API, your developers can integrate it seamlessly on your business apps, website and software. And your email solutions for your business needs will start delivering results. Try the trials and downloads free for 7 days.



Optimize your transactional email’s responses using the Jet X SMTP API. You can control how the interactions with your website are reacted to. Eg: Creating/sending automated email responses for account creation, sending an acknowledgement when a purchase is made, sending confirmation for a password reset. SMTP API is [Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Application Programming Interface]

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Track your

Open rate, Click rate, Geographic stats, Device stats, Error stats, Delivery numbers, Subscribed/unsubscribed count, Spam complaints – track every move of your email’s performance with our email service. The email stats are the records of your conversation with your customers. With real-time data, comprehensive statistics are always in your reach.

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Bulk Email

Jet X email service can send mass email campaigns with customized messages on your behalf. 1.5 million or 1.5 billion – you decide the numbers and we will ensure it gets delivered to their account.

Custom Email Integration


Our email marketing and transactional email solutions affiliate with already available business communication services for more human experience. We understand what your business is intended to accomplish and get started with planning and sending email campaigns in no time.

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Did you know, emails generate a 3,800 % ROI, i.e. $38 for every $1 spent!

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