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IoT is a technology that operates in an association, not in silos. Our IoT services have the ingenuity to help you forge IoT capabilities to seamlessly weave people, machines, processes and systems into a unified platform. The unified platforms redefine the way we interface with human, devices and machines. We create current revenue streams, accrue operational efficiency and steer cost reductions.

With in-depth knowledge in all industry verticals, Digital X’s Internet-of-things services and strategies devise clear objectives and demonstrate an outcome-based model for your business.

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Outstanding architecture that supports all your internet-connected devices; flexible to connect dynamically with real-time access – all with a broad range of connectivity settings

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Have your bespoke centralized platform to monitor and oversee IoT performance, networks and functionality.

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Proactively bridge the gap in information by foreseeing possible interruptions beforehand and plan well ahead in time.

IoT App for Your Business

Welcome to the world of smart devices with ideal IoT Application specific to your Business

Simplicity at its best with industry focused, hassle-free IoT services

IoT Development for Healthcare


Unparalleled benefits that can improve efficiency and quality of treatments with IoT development solutions for healthcare

Unparalleled benefits that will improve the efficiency and quality of treatments developed with IoT solutions for healthcare

On-time alerts with automated real-time data tracking and data gathering that enhances patient’s treatment, maintaining accuracy, reducing risks and manual error

Irrespective of location, extend on-the-go personal care to patients through connected devices that transmit data instantaneously to healthcare experts

Transform healthcare with interactive portals for collaborative services, appointment scheduling, consultation with expert doctors, and lab assistants


Greater transportation efficiency, shorter production life-cycle and augmented management capabilities with IoT solutions for automotive

Improve efficiency and compliance in fleet management through vehicle monitoring using built-in sensors to track driver behaviour, vehicle usage, and safety gear

Avoid clunky connections and build vehicles that can seamlessly communicate and transmit data within its vicinity

Perfect conduit for vehicle intelligence that can remotely identify personal preferences, comfort adjustments and entertainment settings

Real-time data sharing on vehicle improvement and maintenance that helps enhance predictive insights to allow faster response times and makes it easier for proactive actions

Drivers are protected with intelligent systems that can monitor surrounding traffic to ensure safety and predict collisions well in advance

IoT Solutions for Automotive
IoT Development for Retail


Offer personalized experience, boost sales and improve inventory management with a best in-store application developed with IoT for retail

Automatically monitor inventory and send alerts on supply levels, date of expiry and thefts. Leverage smart shelves to turn insights into customer behavior data

Optimizing asset utilization to magnify revenue in the retail supply chain and drive greater operational efficiency is the fundamental of IoT’s value proposition to the retail industry

Well-integrated IoT system sensors that can provide a deeper understanding of information on road time, deliveries, route optimization and fuel use

Develop automated systems with dashboards to track and maintain inventory, ensuring better visibility into supply movement and reduce wastage and inefficiency


Reinventing complex applications that control energy use, temperature monitoring and cost-cutting with the IoT development for the Energy sector

Implement smart metering to offer immediate benefits including manual billing errors and improved control over consumption, and monitor usage from anywhere with SMS/Email modules.

Stimulated environments to enable asset health monitoring, inflow & outflow automation, lifecycle management, accurate measuring of energy wastage and energy generated

Managing high supply needs and complex energy grids by balancing power and demand generation with smart centralized processing IoT platform

IoT Solution for Energy
IoT Solutions for Manufacturing


Taking intelligent machinery with networked sensor to a whole new level; IoT range of solutions for the manufacturing industry

Developing a seamless integration of both physical and digital assets to manage wastage and sustain the health of assets for tangible business results

Reimagine your factory floor with integrated devices, assets, machines and people for remote management and demand-driven production

Boost efficiency and improve the quality and consistency of manufacturing with automated and quicker production life-cycles. Also, compatibility and interoperability play a crucial role in cost reduction

Build an ecosystem of machines and people to immediately detect obstructions or safety issues, so as to avoid unanticipated downtime and alert employees for more security


Make your homes and organizations smart with intelligent management and response through IoT technology

Reduce idle time and supply costs and ensure timely completion of projects with sensors connected to a centralized system that project equipment and inventory levels for ideal outcomes

Remote operations of wired and wireless connected devices where human intervention is not favorable like sites with higher temperatures or pollution, that can be hazardous to life

Save time and money in hunting or replacing misplaced equipment by tracking their real-time geo positions. Also, implement automatic processing of instructions using virtual maps for vast expanses

Transmit equipment working condition and any need for service before the actual breakdown to run remedies proactively and safeguard processes from downtimes and maintenance cuts

IoT Solution for Construction
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