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Well, why not? The platform might come across as a not-so-serious one and many businesses might disregard the platform for any business-related activities; but the truth is, Instagram can be leveraged to generate leads. These leads from social media are qualified, relevant leads who have genuine interest in your brand/company. The stats show that around 80% of social media accounts follow some business or the other on the Instagram platform and this is a positive sign for digital marketers to count on. Here is our view on how to go about generating leads on Instagram the right way.

Lead Ads On Instagram

This is the most obvious way to generate leads on the platform. These ads help brands collect customer/audience information such as job titles, phone numbers, email ids and more and hence learn more about the target audience. Such information helps brands improve and optimise their marketing campaigns.

To create a lead ad, it is required to operate an Instagram business account and hence a Facebook page as well. The creatives used should adhere to the platform’s specifications. There are different kinds of advertising on Instagram which depends on the goals.

Action Buttons In Profile

With Instagram’s business account, you can include action buttons to the profile section. The profile can have a link to your business website, email Id and so on for others to easily reach your company. Instagram also provides action buttons such as ‘Reserve’, ‘Book’ and ‘Get Tickets’ which makes good options for effective lead generation. Tapping on these buttons, people will be directed to forms by the platform’s providers including Eventbrite, Resy, Appointy and others.

Below are the steps to add action buttons to your profile:

  1. Tap on ‘Edit Profile’ on the account page
  2. Choose ‘Contact Options’
  3. Select the ‘Add An Action’ button
  4. From here, tap on the button you would like to add, along with the provider
  5. Add the URL used by your business

Facebook Lookalike Audience

When you create custom audience or ‘lookalike’ audience on Facebook, it becomes easy to target the audience on Instagram who are comparable to that of the Facebook ones. This is an efficient step to implement especially when you have 1,000 or more followers on Instagram.

With Facebook, you can create ‘lookalike’ audience of Instagram users based on parameters such as:

  • Every person who engaged with your Instagram profile
  • Only your profile visitors
  • Only those Instagram users who engaged with your content/ads
  • Only those who sent a DM to your business profile
  • Those who saved your ads or posts

Creating such ‘lookalike’ audience will help generate qualified leads you would be targeting those who are highly likely to be interested in your business and products.

An Optimized Bio

You have to optimize your Instagram bio keeping your target audience in mind. The platform gives limited space to add a link and it’s up to us to make proper use of this. The link should direct the visitors to the specific objective you wish to achieve. This goal could be anything including subscribing to newsletters, sales of products, surveys, etc.

Tips to construct a link that exudes its fullest potential:

  • Use a short link in which the brand name is included
  • Promote the link via posts with the ‘link in bio’ call-to-action
  • UTM parameters can be included in the URL to make it trackable
  • Add a strong call-to-action above the link

Goal-Based Creatives

The best way to move forward is to create images that align with your goal and supplement these images with effective call-to-action phrases. These phrases can magnify the effectiveness of the posts, especially when followed by good content. Your visuals and CTAs should be enticing enough to make a visitor click on the link in your bio. 

Engage With The Viewers

This is one of those overlooked steps which when implemented will have a positive effect on lead generation. This is also one of the easiest steps to take. All you have to do is respond via comments or reactions to your audiences’ activity. Make sure you craft a thoughtful response. It doesn’t have to be an entire para, rather you can keep it short, yet personalized. You can use emojis and GIFs or ask follow-up questions.

Leverage Instagram Influencers

If you find an influencer who has a powerful brand affinity yet just a partial overlap of followers with your account, you would have made an ideal choice. This way, the leads generated would be new ones. Partnering with Instagram influencers is an effective way to generate not just greater number of leads but qualified ones too. Also, look into the credibility of the influencer. One wrong move from their side could affect your brand’s trust value.

Use On-Site Content Teasers

When you have multiple blogs published on your website, or when you have attractive features on your website, use these elements to create a teaser post on Instagram. Build intriguing visuals and content for the post based on the website elements and drive the traffic to your website.

The Digital X team can deliver all this and more. From creating attractive visuals to the content being on-point, we can ensure to generate relevant leads for you and even make conversions happen. We have explored beyond just the listed approaches and received successful results. Reach out to us for any social media marketing requirements so that you have the time to focus on other business aspects like expansion and more.

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