Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Transformation is the integration of digital technology for bespoke businesses to build a scalable process of innovation, growth and optimization.

As your Digital Transformation growth architects, we believe accelerating your business is our business. We are focused on providing value in everything we create – from digital strategies to facilitating your marketing success, combining data, technology and insights to steer your RoI. And in that process, we always reinvent ourselves.

Every company has its unique way to adopt innovation. Nevertheless, they all agree with one challenge in common – digital transformation sail is complicated, it involves possible risks, serious investment and only a real expert can help them initially. Digital X are your experts that you are looking for. We, at Digital X, provide Digital Transformation services in Dubai and we are fondly known as the Acceleration Partners. Our journey of Digital Transformation Services with heaps of clients across Dubai has helped their business grow what it is today and achieve great results that were once their dream.

Although it is difficult to give a one-fit-all description of digital transformation, we, at Digital X, know for sure it is a consolidation of all digital technologies into your areas of business. This integration is done to result in significant changes that will redefine how your business will operate and increase your RoI whilst delivering value to your customers.

Strategies to implement a Digital Transformation Strategy

Digitise Everything, literally!

With steadfast involvement in digital, we have identified that every business must have a sound strategy before embarking on any new digital project. Exhaustive research and pertinent roadmap will only help foresee likely risks, rationalize the transformation cost and guarantee prosperous results.

The 5 essential steps for an effective digital transformation strategy are listed below:

Define goals

TIP: Clearly establish your business or brands goals. Digital awareness, web traffic, inbound enquiries, leads, conversions, sales and more.

In today’s business world, companies go beyond just building a mobile app or having a dedicated IT department.

Gone are the days of upgrading just a single process or operation. With Digital Transformation Services, the company will be able to restructure the complete business, improve its competitive advantage and also build a new one.

As the first step, you must determine the objectives and scope of your digital transformation efforts. You should mitigate costs employing advanced data solutions and predictive methods, expand digital presence and reach millions of customers across various digital channels and finally optimize the complete business operations. Any which way, defining your goals and objectives will help you predict the results of your efforts and decide the further steps of your digital strategy.

Know your competition and the market

TIP: Peruse your market and understand what your competition is doing daily – The best way is to engage with the best digital agency that can help you deep dive and perform comprehensive market research.

This step is the most important keeping in mind the light of modern technology development and market potential. Companies and industries in large numbers succumb to disruptive businesses.

Fast-track industry changes and unforeseen competition moves contribute to this step of your strategy. It is mandatory for every business to meticulously observe and execute a complete market analysis before deciding any digital transformation effort.

Perform Customer Research

TIP: Detail your customer or buyer personas and then work on your growth plans with digital transformation strategy.

The objectives you establish at the foremost stage will pattern your roadmap of digital transformation. Nonetheless, your customers’ goals are prime. And so, you must scrutinize your target audience and ensure your efforts and investment align with your customer preferences and requirements.

You should also consider revising current experiences, examine digital channels that act as a bridge between your company and your audience, and most importantly, focus on customer feedback. These insights will indeed help you identify new digital customer experiences that will fit your and your customer’s goals.

Guage your current ranking

TIP: Analyze your digital infrastructure, examine your digital systems to know if they are up-to-date and future compliant, tools used for your process, possible integration and upgrade solutions.

With timely assessment, you will be able to pencil in your investment and efforts of your digital transformation journey. Eventually, that analysis will help you identify what updates are needed, what processes you can optimize or automate,  and what digital tools are no longer required.

In addition, you should find out that magic asset that can fetch humongous value in your digital transformation journey. Pragmatically, leveraging your data will create a huge impact on your business and no wonder, it has the potential to become a revenue source.

Strengthen your groundwork and talent strategy

TIP: CEO – should own your business’s digital transformation and should invest in sourcing a jackass team – either outsource or within the company – with 100% commitment to delivering measurable results.

The final important step in your digital transformation journey is to gauge and correct your infrastructure and team for the upcoming challenges.

A digitally competent leadership in the company with – Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Digital Officer (CDO), and other executive certified to supervise and ensure beneficial implementation of your digital strategy is mandatory.

And, you should reconsider the knowledge and skills in the company and work your employees to the transformation. In this context, you should contemplate training, upgrades, hiring new professionals on board or seeking agencies for help.

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Digital X is concentrating on helping the existing and new clients with enhancing their digital transformation in 2019 and beyond. With the main focus on lead generation and conversions, Digital X offers full stack digital products – Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy, Programmatic Consulting, Web Design and Development, Digital Platforms and apps, compelling Content Marketing Strategies and Campaigns.

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