Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Whilst having a budget for marketing is vital for every business, it is equally vital to spend it in the right way and reap the maximum use of it. When the question is about digital vs traditional, how do you reckon which is the best? 

For most of the businesses, making the right ‘marketing’ decision is not an easy task. The right marketing decision is the one which will lead to either making the company’s market or breaking the company’s market. 

In this blog, you will gain a clear idea on digital marketing vs the traditional marketing aspect of the business and get a better understanding of how digital marketing is better than its ‘once-upon-a-time-successful’ counterpart for RoI. 

For eg, if you have already decided to leverage the vast stream of social media marketing to build and enhance your brand, improve your target audience base, drive better business online and boost sales to increase conversions, you could hire the best digital marketing consultants – Digital X – to do it for you. 

For those who would like to understand the specifics and details of how digital marketing is better than traditional marketing for RoI, please continue reading: 

What is Traditional Marketing? 

It is nothing but the classic and traditional way of spreading the news and creating awareness to the people. It is a standard method of marketing that helps to reach a semi-targeted group of people with different offline promotional and advertising ways. In general, it is very hard to ignore as it includes the conventional methods that we come across in our life daily.

It refers to the advertising methods that have been in use for years now: 

  • Newspaper Ads
  • Flyers
  • Magazine Ads
  • Billboards
  • Television
  • Radio

What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital Marketing, also known as Online Marketing, refers to marketing businesses through the Internet and other electronic devices that operate with the help of an Internet. With the usage of internet booming every second, any business of any size can leverage digital marketing to target their exact audience. This method of targeting will help them reach out to their audience cadre, connect with prospects, generate leads and convert them into customers. 

From publishing an ad on the internet on any medium to search engine marketing falls under the aegis of digital marketing. 

At Digital X, we offer a gamut of digital marketing services that will directly benefit your business and help you drive better results to generate more RoI. See our list of services and our consultants can help you choose from the variety of services that will suit your business methods.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

  • Target a huge customer base

As you have rightly guessed by now, traditional marketing will only reach the regional audience and encapsulate your business to only that locality, giving you an unsure audience cadre. It is more of a ‘spray and pray’ method. 

However, with digital marketing, the reach is huge and more targetted as you get to select the countries, regions, age, gender, and other specifics based on the digital medium you are using. This means that every advertising campaign that you run for your business can be modified to best attract to your audience. 

  • On-the-spot sharing of information

Nowadays, have you ever seen a flyer go viral? Or have you ever heard people discuss keenly about what they saw on TV or heard on the radio? That’s because it does not happen. Simple. And that’s traditional marketing. 

On the other hand, with digital marketing, you can increase your brand awareness in seconds to people by showing up on various platforms. How many times have you been a brand ambassador recommending what you liked to your friends? Many, right? That’s the power of digital marketing. Facebook generates 4 million likes every minute and the best part is any news that you read is instantly shareable. Not only on Facebook but on all social media channels. Creating high-quality and appealing content is key. 

Facebook – 1.19 billion monthly users, Twitter – 232 million a month, on an average, you can already guess the opportunity for your business’s growth and engagement via social media. 

  • More interaction and customer engagement

Let’s right away admit, there is no interaction possible with traditional marketing. Businesses have to take a survey to understand the audience or interact with them.

Whereas, with digital marketing, businesses can straight away associate and interact with their targeted audience. Social media platforms, comments, emails, messengers, live videos etc are all different ways that encourage engagement. It is also easier and less time-consuming. In addition, businesses can highly engage with their prospects for every problems and query, which will also increase brand loyalty.

  • Relatively cost-effective

Paper, printing costs, brochure costs are high and marketers have to spend relatively more money to advertise their brand – distribution to various regions, television, radio, newspaper ads, flyers, etc are all costly. The time taken to establish a brand in the audience’s mind is more.

Digital marketing is not only cost-effective but also faster. Your brand awareness campaigns and advertisements can be seen by a larger audience. This is directly proportional to less investment and more reach. 

  • Measurable Results

How do you think you can measure the ads and flyers reach to expect sales for your business? It is close to impossible to measure results with traditional marketing. 

In contrast with digital marketing, you would be able to readily measure your success as you will have access to every bit of information – the target audience, number of people that viewed your campaigns, number of people yet to view your campaigns, bounce rates, conversion rates, leads etc. There are different tools available that will instantly measure your success rate and help you better perform the next time. 

How Digital X can help?

We are not shutting down traditional marketing completely as there is still a market for it even in the present times. We are bringing light on how digital marketing is better and rapidly shadowing traditional marketing in terms of reach, brand awareness, cost, measurable results, and message sharing. 

Whether you are in the lookouts to start online marketing for your company, or you are already an established brand wanting to accelerate, at Digital X, we can help you with all Digital Marketing methods suited for your business and its objectives. From content creation and SEO to website design, video marketing and programmatic advertising, our digital consultants possess the knowledge and skills to accelerate your business digitally and drive more RoI digitally for your business.

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