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Our Approach

It all starts with an email – whether acquiring a new client, following it up with a client to close the signed deal or approaching a whole new audience. We follow carefully segmented and targeted emailing methods to engage your prospects with our email marketing tool – Jet X. A successful email marketing tool is one that will allow you to build engaging emails, send bulk emails that can be personalized and targeted – all without a lot of work. As we understand the digital dynamics of the business, we have built our own platform that helps in easy management, automation, analysing data and fetching reports that will be understandable by a beginner. We make email marketing in UAE easy for you.

Industries we specialize in

Whether you are budding in the market or already established business, Jet X’s email marketing platform and our best email marketing services will give you all the tools you need to proliferate your business.


Finance and Banking

Turn your theoretical application into a profitable reality by sending compelling marketing emails to the finance and banking sectors to reach the widest audience online.



Modernise, automate and enhance every aspect of hospital management and patient care with a bespoke customer journey and offers via Jet X Email Marketing platform.



Educational apps are a thriving business. Tell the world about your amazing business via Jet X’s personalized emails an engaging, fun and an interactive way to help students study.



Automate business processes and manage the overall communication message of your eCommerce, data, customers and staff real-time via Jet X Email Marketing platform.


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Automotive Solutions

Keep your customers engaged with your new product launch and innovation used in your Automotive Industry via Jet X Email Marketing platform.


Transportation & Logistics

Create operational brilliance in transportation and logistics, save time on retrieving information about your customers, etc and appreciate seamless email marketing in UAE with Jet X Email Marketing platform.


We are focussed on building a captive audience for your brand through our ingenious ambit of services.


Transactional Email API

With easy, powerful and sturdy Jet X Email’s API, your developers can integrate it seamlessly on your business apps, website and software. And your email solutions for your business needs will start delivering results. Try the trials and downloads free for 7 days.


Promotional Email

Better results demand better email marketing. As a marketer who is looking to leverage supreme email marketing in Dubai, your prime need will be to ensure your email marketing strategies are paying off. With Jet X’ s email marketing platform, you can easily send customized promotional emails to skyrocket your brand’s presence and boost your ROI.


Emailer Design

Be it a promotional email or a professional email – for email marketing in Dubai give your emails the best design all at just a few clicks. The Jet X Email Marketing platform has designs for every occasion and every announcement. Make your emails look classy to attract customers and grow your business.


Email Automation

Automating an email journey can never be easy. It requires a lot of thought process to sketch different scenarios, show multiple variations and finally decide on what to send and how to send. With Jet X Email Marketing tool, automating your emails will be an easy stroll. With AI, your automation will be made easy for all scenarios.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Jet X Email Marketing Platform?

It is a powerful, easy to use email marketing platform designed to achieve your marketing goals. With Jet X’s email marketing medium – choose captivating pre-designed email templates, build content, get personal, easily segment and reach big numbers, optimise message delivery, and track email success rate, all without being a pro.

Is it possible to integrate Jet X with our CRM?

Integrating Jet X with your CRM is a walk on the cake. With easy, powerful and sturdy Jet X Email’s API, your developers can integrate it seamlessly on your business apps, website and software. And your email solutions for your business needs will start delivering results.

Is there a trial pack?

Try the trials and downloads free for 7 days.

Are sending bulk emails possible with Jet X?

Jet X email service can send mass email campaigns with customized messages on your behalf. 1.5 million or 1.5 billion – you decide the numbers and we will ensure it gets delivered to their account.

What is the price?

Speak to one of our Digital Marketing experts to get the best plan for your business needs as per your usage. We have flexible plans that grow with you.


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