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Exploring beyond the confines of conventional E-commerce

We don’t do standard E-commerce websites. Our success lies in your success. To help you succeed, we contemplate wider and deeper to ingrain contemporary E-commerce websites loaded with rich digital technology. We go beyond the enclosure of building the best E-commerce websites with stellar features that will irrefutably drive traffic and bolster product sales – all whilst ensuring easy navigation and first-class user experience.   We create contemporary and versatile websites.

Holistic E-commerce Solutions

Holistic E-commerce Solutions –
Devising Strategy till Delivering Marvel

Talk to our experts today to craft user-centric and game-changing E-commerce experiences.

Powering versatile E-commerce for your thriving online business

With the web, mobile commerce, social commerce and delivery applications

All inclusive marketplace for your online business

  • Customizable E-commerce functionality to simplify your business
  • Virtual
  • Powerful SEO and SMO
  • Self- servicing options for guest and seller pages
  • Track and analyse visitor behaviour and product sales with exclusive admission dashboards
  • Multi-channel selling with flexible options to set-up different transaction rates
  • Unparalleled customer experience combining robust technology services and website performance

Mobile Commerce Technology For An Extensive Portfolio Of Online Merchandise

  • Effective two-way interaction and reliable push notification technology
  • Real time interactions with users, resolving queries, generating secure passwords, accessing personal data etc.
  • Instant connectivity and controls page across a variety of mobile devices
  • Geo-targeting and geo-fencing for more customized user experience
  • Multiple mobile payment options and virtual point-of-sale features to create simple, secure and convenient experiences
  • Personalized applications with dozens of innovative features and intelligent solutions

Increase your social selling revenue with our social commerce solutions

  • Gain new customers and retain loyal followers through social rewards, reviews and rating
  • Launch Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest stores effortlessly and scale your online business exponentially
  • Integrated services to track performance, engagement, sales analytics and customer behaviour
  • Supports multiple payment gateways that are simple, reliable and secure
  • Faster purchasing through faster data loading and application responsiveness
  • In-store and online buying with shopping assist features

On demand delivery tracking and management application

  • Smart assignment of delivery tasks with traffic management for faster service
  • One click profile creation for easier ratings and reviews by customers
  • Supports multiple categories of delivery functionality
  • GPS navigation for real-time tracking and on demand status tracking
  • Smoother, fuss free transactions for e-wallets and in-store credits
  • Receive and evaluate customer feedback for quality assessment

More Than 100+ Successful Features

Ecommerce Successful Features
Reports and Analytics

Reports and

at your convenience for easy decision making

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Time to Purchase Report

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Product Transaction

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Custom Periods

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In the cloud

Set up your virtual store within minutes

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Easy to use

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Cost Effective

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Scalable + High

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Cloud Solution
Online Ecommerce Store

Your Business Agnostics to boost marketing and sales

SEO Icon

Search Engine

With in-depth keyword research and optimize mapping to confirm the most relevant words, boost a huge volume of website traffic with astute SEO strategy.

PPC Advertising Icon

Google Adwords and PPC advertising

Go global and be visible to customers at the very moment they are searching on the Internet for things that you offer.
Position your web pages strategically to gain more viewer attention and sales leads

Offers & Discounts Icon

Offers & Discounts

Convert visitors into customers by positioning the right deals and attractive loyalty schemes.

Email Campaigns Icon

Email Campaigns

Reach target consumers and outdo industry standards for opens, clicks and conversion rates. Deliver personalized content at the right time to transform leads into sales.

Recommendation Programs Icon

Recommendation Programs

Make your customers the voice of your brand through affiliate marketing techniques and fast pace your online sales.

Social Media Presence Icon

Create Social Media Presence

Replicate your online sales to social selling platforms and reach millions of hardcore buyers.

Questions you may have…

The time taken to create an e-commerce website depends on multiple factors and your specific requirements. A web design work that requires a fair amount of customization will take anywhere between 1 and 15 weeks – this in turn depends on the project’s complexity. We follow an Agile development process that helps us deliver your project in minimum time possible.

Yes, we strictly adhere to building mobile-friendly E-commerce Websites. With responsive design methods, we ensure that the websites work well on a wide variety of screen sizes – from tablets to smartphones, small and large desktop monitors.

Yes, we will provide you with a full time dedicated Project Manager. Our Project Manager will update you about your ongoing project on a regular basis. You can provide him with your valuable feedback.

Indeed, and we want you to be a part of that. We will give you your credentials so you can log in to our development server to check on the progress.

Our team ensures that the website created for you are a 100% compatible with the search engines and compliant with the search engine guidelines.

No. We discuss with you your website requirements and then price accordingly upon your confirmation for a website design with us. We adhere to always stick to the quoted price.

We provide our clients with extended software protection plans. We also fully support any website we design and are always available if you encounter any problems or require new enhancements in your web app. Digital X offers complete website maintenance & support.

Digital X provides complete training on implementing the tools, information that you will need to maintain and run a successful store, how to make use of all the features to add value to your business.

We are always ready to assist. We handle all customer service issues out of our office. We offer the best customer service and maintain great relationships.

From a boutique to an online shopping mall, our platform extends support to endless products.

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