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Let’s say…

Earlier in the 90s, you wanted to promote your product – ‘house decor items’ specifically for all house decor bloggers and lifestyle bloggers.

You have a great collection that you are sure will woo the bloggers and certainly increase your sales.

As a traditional marketer, you will have your ads placed on TV, newspapers, paper ads, radio and billboards. You will certainly include all kinds of media that will reach the people, particularly bloggers everywhere, to promote your product. And back then, blogging was indeed a very peculiar and risky business. So, we are more than certain that you would have exercised your brains to the skin to get this business a reach.

You also reckoned a celebrity to recommend your beautiful products. These strategies will assist you to get revelation and sell more decor items. However, the problem is, you are promoting to also the ones not relevant to your product and it indeed will cost you a fortune.

Later, you then plan to promote in Lifestyle and Decor magazines and sponsor events and exhibition stalls because that’s where your target audience is. These strategies boost your objective by reaching your products to your perfect customer – Decors and Bloggers.

Now, let’s quickly move to 2016 & beyond…

Now that you hold a degree and a skill as a Digital Marketer, you settle to leverage digital marketing channels.

  • You create Google Ads to reach people searching for decor items
  • You purchase banner ads across diverse ad networks
  • You send emailers announcing your new collection of decor to your followers
  • You advertise those products on Social Media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.
  • You write blogs sharing points on how people can enhance their living spaces with your beautiful items
  • You contact affiliates within your community to improve awareness and drive engagement to your website
  • You optimize your product’s page for free organic traffic from Google
  • You retarget all those with ads who visited your website earlier by adding some more items to all the already displayed products

What do you reckon with both the years?

That the digital marketing possibilities and options are endless… Especially today, the options are huge and so is the competition to genuinely engage your audience and attract them to invest in your product.

What is Digital Marketing, anyhow?

When put simply, Marketing is about rewarding the wants and needs of your target customer.  It’s how you analyse, experiment, advertise and tell compelling tales that will convey value. That value will have to result in tempting sales by selling your product to your consumers.

And then, comes the Digital Marketing…

Digital marketing – a part of marketing – is employed to advertise a brand or a product using multiple digital technologies.  The objective is to convince your target customers in taking an action, in this case, buying your product.

The energy of digital marketing is revolutionary.  You can reach billions of users within a few hours all with just a couple of clicks. That’s the real power accessible to everyone. And don’t forget the mighty Internet is the one powering digital experiences.

Although, there are off-digital technologies like electronic billboards, mobile apps, podcasts, digital TV, SMS etc, the on-digital i.e. the one with the Internet is dominating.

And the most exciting thing about digital marketing is…

Every year, new technologies are launched. Although a few fails, others have witnessed phenomenal success. Hence, they integrate with our digital marketing tactics and practices.

And for an e-commerce business especially, users are no longer interested in reading content with dedicated time. They just consume it when they are bustling with something else and most of the times, they are either working, purchasing something or watching a video. So, as marketers, all we have got is a short span window of opportunity to get your customers to see your product and influence them to buy.

For example…

The TV has been replaced with Netflix or YouTube…

Radio has been replaced with Spotify or Podcasts…

Billboards have been replaced starting with a 5.5”*5.5” display…

And lastly, newspapers have been replaced with Apps, Emails and Websites…

And here’s where Digital Marketing dominates the world.

The best and only way to contact your prospects and advertise your products is by putting to use the numerous digital marketing platforms.

9 Digital Marketing Platforms for eCommerce

Incorporating all these channels within the marketing strategy is what defines the success of digital marketing for eCommerce. You have to leverage all of them to achieve results.

Albeit, there will be new channels springing in the future, as per the present trends, it is mandatory that your business is in the top of all the platforms mentioned below for a successful eCommerce business.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google search is the starting point for their shopping journey for almost 35% of customers. So, ensuring your eCommerce store is highly optimized for search engines is vital and both on-page and off-page SEO with a constant check on daily algorithms will be a hit.

Digital X Dubai can offer you the best SEO services.

  • Content Marketing

What better way to describe the beauty of your product that enticing, yet crisp content? Your content should speak for you when you are not. Building valuable content is a gift to solve your selling challenges.

With Digital X in play, build awareness for your eCommerce store, nurture your prospects and thrill your audience with sales.

  • Search Engine Marketing

Are you that impatient marketer who will believe in something only when you see results immediately? We have an option for you too.

Google Adwords. Play with your penchant for words and also pay for SEM and PPC [paid search] to advertise your products and see results. It’s the leading and effective paid channels every online retailer should concentrate on.

Contact Digital X for the best search engine marketing services in Dubai.

  • Email Marketing

Email is immortal and one of the effective ways for retailers to increase their RoI.

Sending the right emails to the right customers with attractive designs and content in it is an art by itself that will do the talking for you. With the correct amount of information delivered in an email, the users will return by asking questions about your products and take it on from there to sell your product.

Also, emails are the best way to ring a bell in your consumer’s mind about their abandoned shopping cart.

Avail the triggered email services or schedule email campaigns or send off broadcasts with Digital X’s best email marketing services in Dubai.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media networks are consuming our day. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and what not.

With Digital X’s best social media marketing services, make social media essential to market your eCommerce business and reach it to millions of audience.

  • Mobile Marketing

How many of you depend on the default browser present in your smartphone? Hardly a very few. It is no longer surprising that there are more than hundreds of socializing apps. And having a mobile strategy to reach the small screen is very challenging and requires the intervention of digital marketing experts initially to drive business.

Contact Digital X.

  • Display Advertising

When was the last you saw an interesting banner ad and never took your eyes off until it was over? Internet users are now in the habit of simply ignoring the banners ads unless it conveys the most required message at that moment.

Plan your banner ads for your eCommerce business strategically and display it to the right audience with expert’s guidance from Digital X.

  • Programmatic Marketing and Remarketing

Programmatic is the best way to target and retarget your customers and it is a blessing in all forms for eCommerce business. With new technologies and tactics springing every season, Digital X can help you win those customers aptly suited for your business.

Simply put, convert your window shoppers to consumers with Digital X.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Have you made friends with websites yet? If not, we at Digital X can do that for you by contacting the best websites that you can make friends with and pay them incentives to promote your business and website in their ‘already super performing’ websites.

We will build for you an engaging affiliate network to promote your marketing campaigns online.

Final Thoughts

Traditional Marketing is not dead yet. But Digital Marketing is now the immortal unless there is a revolution to beat it.

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