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We are focussed on building a captive audience for your brand through our ingenious ambit of Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising services.


Digital Transformation

Get Digital savvy and give your digital face a dogmatic outlook to attract targets and discard noise.


Brand Awareness & Visibility

Strengthen your brand with an authoritative identity to increase brand awareness and drive business results.


Digital Strategy Creation

Connect the dots between a bespoke strategy and a plan to unlock new business opportunities.


New Business Launch Campaigns

Integrate new campaigns and demand generation strategy for powerful results.




Lead Generation & Sales Campaign

Position your pitch strategically to gain more attention and get discovered by billions of consumers.


Digital Content Creation & Distribution

Great content is rare, profitable and inspirational. Tap into your target audience with the right message on the right channel.


Insights, Inspiration and Connections to help you be powered by technology and strengthened by results to get your digital marketing done right.


Social Media Marketing

From organic posts to targeted ads, be everywhere on the internet and manage your social all in one place. Understand how social media marketing really influences your business for the best.


Email Marketing Services

Whatever are your marketing goals, we have services that work hard for your business. Gain complete control and manage your emails easily with measured results with our own sturdy platform – Jet X Email.


Search Engine Optimization

We help your website stand out on the first page of Google. We have tried and tested strategies that will ‘certainly’ work to remain competitive and untouched by your online rivals.


Pay Per Click Advertising

Be visible to customers at the very moment they are searching on the Internet for things that you offer. We help your business achieve its advertising goals by building campaigns that will work in tandem with your business goals.


Website Design & Development

We build a results-driven website to either generate enquiries, attract leads, make sales and boost your ROI. Present a brand image that talks for itself, tell your customers your business story and generate qualified prospects.


Programmatic Advertising

Adopt a cost-effective, ROI driven approach to reach only your targets and discard noise. We create impactful, compelling and powerful ad formats that will deliver value to your business and customers.


Mobile Application Development

Create what you imagine and deliver your mobile app up to 10x faster than traditional methods.

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How we do it?

We fuse agile practices and deep thinking to help startups and established companies bolster their online face, digital advertising, customer value, accelerate operational effectiveness, drive sales and boost ROI in an evolving world.

We help you ‘shine’ digitally. We help with answers for your “how do I do this?” question by working with you, understanding your business and providing the latest insights to today’s most pressing challenges in becoming a compelling business. Transforming into an experienced business requires an expert’s help. In this gamut, we ruminate on those changes — from your digital stack to your tech stack — and how to incline them seamlessly for your digital marketing goals.

We know how markets ‘work’. We work with you to study and understand your customers’ online behaviour to help them know your brand and its value. Then, we create and develop digital marketing assets that will intrigue your customers to explore. We research, research and research to know and serve your ‘apt’ customers better than ever. We then transform that data, and the insight it provides into engaging experiences to boost sales.

We understand the ‘foundation’.

Customer data is imperative for every digital advertising and strategy. Having said that, we collect all relevant data and put it to work, simply to identify what is better and what works in that data.

We, then, attune that data and insights with analytics. We understand how markets work and expand insights into cross-channel customer journeys with a 360-degree view, improve attribution, react to customers preferences and accordingly boost conversion.

We are ‘fastest’ to responses and insights.

Digital Marketing creates the route for delivering great insights and value in addition to the best customer experiences. We operate on a data-driven model to measure your business’s success.

With a 360-degree view of your business and customers, we as an all-round Digital Agency measure and draw smarter analytics with customer intelligence, bolster those analytics by empowering your insights to act all in real-time.

Our Marketing Platforms

As an expert Digital Agency, we help you take that ‘bold’ digital move and seize the online space for your Digital Advertising with our Marketing Platform that grows with you.

Google Ads

There are 2.3 million searches performed on Google every second and Google ads contribute to the majority of search results pages. Empower your social media business.


With more than two billion users, Facebook as a social media mogul offers a magnificent reach to influence both consumers and businesses.


LinkedIn helps in generating more leads for your social media business and developing your business’s profile. It is a vital way of communicating with potential and apt – customers.


With Google’s perfect programmatic buying platform, communicate with always-connected consumers where it matters. Access the real-time insights to give meaning to your buys.


With Trade Desk’s fully integrated DMP, reach suitable listeners, make real-time decisions and maximize the power of multi-device insights.


With Taboola, drive the right traffic to your website, reach more apt audiences across the web’s top publishers, increase brand awareness, leads and sales for more conversions and revenue.

Jet X Email

Learn more about your fans with Jet X’s easy to use email marketing platform – bombarded full of features and architectured to grow with your business.

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Other Services

Looking for other services in particular? Let us know and there isn’t anything that we can’t do at Digital X. We are a full-suite Digital Agency and have experts for every stream.

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