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Accurate data to surpass your competition, with Data Exi

We are on a mission to help businesses do 3x more sales with our prospect data. As data extraction experts, we know what it takes to focus on the targets over the noise. The knowledge to play with actual numbers and alphabets is crucial for the business to sustain and that’s why we are here to help with the right data so you can swim through the noise.


the world would go haywire when there is nothing organized. And all the penchant for classification would be lost.

”Developing new integrated methodological approaches, favoring ‘data discovery’ and advanced analytical techniques.“

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Data is the fulcrum to operate any business.

We are a band of data experts that work on complex prospect generation to get a front row seat for your business. Precisely, we help you reach your prospects before your competition.

How does it

We internalise your business’s goals and build custom data and ensure it works for you. The data will include email IDs and mobile phone numbers of potential customers/prospects who will gain benefit from your business offerings.

DataExi Process


We have a penchant for Data. Our Approach is simple ‘collaborate and brainstorm’ to ‘make data work’ for our clients.

Collaborate & Brainstorm

We are matchmakers that speak the business language: Data, automation, prospect and conversion. Our data-savvy experts team with the client and build strategies together. We have 10+ years at our service.

data work

Being in constant touch with the strategies, we exactly know how to find the audience, attract the leads, gather information and get them to engage. We know to make data work. Period.

We Do


Contact & Account Data Extraction Email and Mobile number Extraction Email Verification/Validation

Advanced Web Extraction

Custom Crawling
WordPress Extraction
Ecommerce Extraction
Email verification and validation


Data Robots
CRM Integration
Zapier sync


Email Marketing
Email Automation set up
Mobile Marketing

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