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Digital X CRM Approach

Our CRM Approach

We are the leading CRM Software Development Company in Dubai allowing companies to organize and handle their leads, contacts, sales opportunities and other lead generation move in a single platform. As CRM consultants in Dubai, we carry heavy years of expertise in helping our clients decide the CRM that would suit their business and align with their business goals. We work with CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho, SugarCRM, Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

Our Custom
CRM Development Services

We harness the indispensable power of CRM software and help you in making a solid decision about which CRM to choose for your business objectives.


CRM Software Development

What’s your take on the CRM for your business? At Digital X, our experts can help you in deciding the CRM software and develop a custom CRM tool that will help you organize your business operations in a single window.


CRM Programming

Are distinct software and technology systems making you inactive? At Digital X, our CRM experts create ingenious programming that will bring all your systems together in a single window. The connected programming efficiency will help you be in sync, support daily operations between cross-functional teams and will make things easier to scale.


CRM Integration

Are you juggling between tabs and software? We help you connect between various platforms by enabling easy interation of third party plugins and software into your CRM. This way, you can ease your workload, unwind hidden opportunities, increase efficiency, boost leads and get more customer insights.


CRM Analytics Software

Are you facing difficulties in translating the data to easily understandable numbers? We, at Digital X, have a dedicated group of CRM experts who can break down the data into comprehensive silos and help you with the analytics.


CRM Tools

Liberate your employees to explore and get the best results for your business by leveraging the best CRM tools for them. At Digital X, we customize the technology for our clients so they can continue to do what they are best in.


CRM Software Modules

The most successful CRM engagements are strengthened by the software modules it is integrated with. Be it your own software or a third party, getting the CRM at your complete disposal will allow you to perform the tasks that the CRM is intended to and thereby, influence your ROI. At Digital X, our CRM experts will help you take that decision with a defined strategy.


CRM Platform Customization

Have you decided on your CRM Platform yet? In addition to helping you decide the best CRM software, our experts can help you with customizing that CRM to suit your needs in an easy and a comprehensible manner.


Mobile CRM Solutions

At Digital X, we always strive to deliver the best in everything we do. We won’t stick to customizing CRM for your desktop but extend our work in building a mobile-friendly CRM software that will allow you to work with ease and fetch the reports instantaneously.


CRM Database Solutions

Gone are the days of having to extract information from a software and paste it on your excel to view results. We provide custom CRM Database solutions that will give you access to all your contacts inside a single tab without having to switch between various tabs.


CRM Migration

Are you not happy with the CRM that you are using? Even if you have a choice for your new CRM or want our help in choosing the best, our experts can succour you in selecting the best CRM and help you with migrating to the new CRM in very less time without intervening your daily operations.



CRM Developers

Do you have an idea for your CRM? We are all ears. We are a team of CRM experts in Dubai who constantly strive to go beyond possibilities. Our dedicated CRM developers can build you the kind of CRM you are looking even at your premises. 


CRM Installation

Having troubles reading the software documentation and following the procedure? We can help you at Digital X in not helping you decide the CRM software but give an extensive support of installing the CRM and ensuring it is up-to-date for you to start your business operations.

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Solution we provide

CRM Migration

  • Seamless Migrations
  • On Premises CRM to Cloud CRM
  • Database Migration
  • CRM Upgrades
  • Legacy System
  • Source Data Extractions
  • Website Migrations
  • We Ensure Data Integrity

CRM Integration

  • Unified Functionality
  • Automation Software Integration
  • Content Management Integration
  • Drupal Implementation
  • Custom API Development
  • Enhanced Prospect Tracking
  • Effective Content Marketing

CRM Extension and
Plugin Development

  • Customer Data Hub
  • Third Party UI Mashups
  • Custom Made For Your Business
  • Email Plugin Development and Customization
  • Browser Extensions
  • API Extensions
  • Web Portal
  • Social and Mobile
Digital X CRM Solutions


Our CRM Solution

  • Maintain your prospects, leads and customers in a more defined format
  • Target your intended audience and understand the type of media they prefer to look at your messages
  • Identify which data needs frequent follow-ups and automate your process
  • Get customer insights from the reports and deliver their unique demands instantaneously


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