Keeping things running
Amidst the covid-19 pandemic

We want to begin by saying that the Digital X team sincerely hopes you and your family are keeping well. Here is us sending courage and strength to everyone around the world!

While people and businesses are doing everything in their power to keep their respective households running, so is Digital X- we have adopted a complete work-from-home policy with each of our team members contributing to their work while also being with their families. Cloud meetings, for both internal as well as client communications, are our current path.

We must say, our work here is not without purpose. Being a digital transformation company, we do have the option to cut down on work; but we have made a choice to stay up and running to ensure that we can contribute to helping those who are in need during these dire times.

How You May Ask …

Social distancing and self-quarantine are necessary now, but here is a very common scenario for you to ponder upon: a family is running out of the basic grocery items, maybe staples like rice or wheat. What can the family do then? Order the items online? Yes, exactly!

Here is another possibility: a new mother just ran out of a few baby care products, what can she do? Turn to online shopping!

What do you do if you find yourself in need of specific medication? Or when you need some cash in your hands? Too wary to touch the newspapers? Don’t you get your much-needed information and news from digital sources then?

These scenarios are the daily essentials that simply cannot come to a standstill. The demand for these simply does not reduce. On the contrary, the prevailing situation can only increase the demand for such necessities with fear pushing everyone around to stock up and be safe.

And the solution to most if not all of these lies within the world of the internet- the digital world!

With China being the first to have borne the brunt of the situation, here are some statistics from the country published by a Gartner report:

  1. The quarantine period in China witnessed a 20% increase in time spent online by the people in the country.
  2. The country saw a 7-9 percent boost in online news and information consumption during their period of quarantine.
  3. Social networking of course saw a tremendous increase – by more than 30% during the months of January and February, 2020.

An Snippet Of What We Can Do

Online grocery industry: this definitely requires a separate mention, it being the go-to in most households at this point. All business related to this industry, including supply, delivery and packaging can shift base to a digital platform, with just the physical products being moved around.

Education sector: the recent times have seen a spike in demand for online courses and certifications. Schools and colleges can continue to provide education through online sessions, keeping safety first.

Real estate sector: accommodation is of utmost importance for those crucial workers and for those who need to be isolated or quarantined. Safe spaces are required to maintain safety at home, work and human health in general.

Healthcare sector: medical care facilities including hospitals and ambulance services are of primary importance. A request for such service and the delivery of it can be made available through online platforms.

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector: every business associated with supply, delivery and distribution as well as sales of these products.

E-commerce sector: with any major retail outlet being shut down, an immediate requirement can only be met by the e-commerce sector. This not only includes retail but also e-pharma, lifestyle and furnishing, home and kitchen, personal care and many other subdivisions.

You want to send out the right message? You want to be able to help your customers in any way possible? Turn to Digital X for all your digital needs and beyond! Let your customers know what you can do for them and let them know at the right time – a time of their need!

Have a conversation with us and find out how we can advance your business on the digital platforms, be it from scratch or be it for just a single digital block.

We hope and pray for the normalization of the situation at the earliest possible.

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