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With increased dependence on digital media for the consumption of information, a sector that is rapidly gaining traction today is digital marketing. The very pulse of this sector is informative content and engaging visuals. These visuals are more than just images and art. They are a blend of strategy and skill to stew effective communication for successful digital transformation.  

“Good design is good business” — this apt quote by Thomas Watson Jr., second president of IBM, conveys the importance of a good graphic designer to a brand. For a business, using creatives is the most effective way to engage with customers and keep them interested. Digital designs help influence customers’ decision-making process, making graphic designing a key ingredient in digital marketing and digital transformation.

Understanding Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is an essential part of marketing strategy that involves communication and problem-solving using illustrations, photography and typography. The process involved in creating an effective digital design is a creative yet strategic one, which aims at fulfilling specific objectives. These digital design elements are used in various mediums including websites, posters, brochures, packaging and social media and other digital advertisements. 

The process of generating a digital design usually begins with understanding the client’s requirements and objectives. A graphic designer then aligns the goal of his creation with that of the client’s and uses various elements such as images, unique colour palettes, words and layouts to produce a compelling design that renders the client’s goals successfully.

Graphic Designing

Below is a list of the basic tools used by a graphic designer:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • CorelDraw
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Sketch
  • Affinity Designer
  • GIMP
  • Inkscape

Of course, no matter the tools available, the proficiency of a graphic designer is extremely imperative.

The Importance

The importance of graphic designing cannot be stressed upon adequately. It plays a pivotal role in the present day’s highly competitive business-scape, giving digital marketing a whole new spin. A brand requires a skilled graphic designer to concoct effective communication collaterals, without which the goal of marketing is negated. Today, every product and service, ranging from consumer goods to financial products, is being promoted on digital mediums, especially social media. Unfortunately, the attention span of web user has diminished to as low as 6.8 seconds, a number lower than a goldfish’s 9-second attention span. In such a market environ, the usage of visual language that is extremely relevant in nature will help target and captivate the audience without much struggle. An efficient digital design can lead to instantly acquiring a new customer as well as creating a stronger bond with an existing customer.

Answering the how and the why for your business

The answers to how high-quality graphic designing can help a brand and why a business must employ graphic designs for powerful marketing are asserted below.

Builds brand identity

Every brand has its own identity and conveying a brand’s persona to the audience is usually facilitated via visuals. This communication is quite complex, involving various facets such as colours, sizes, images, symbols, words and more. To establish a strong brand image and to stand apart from competitors, graphic designing can be used as a trump card.  

Creates a strong impression

A good visual is capable of forming a strong impression in a person’s mind and that too, on the very first instance. Stats report that compared to regular content, visual content receives 94% greater engagement. Graphic designers wield the power to grab the audience’s attention and keep them hooked. A fascinating design will spur conversations that will, in turn, help spread the word about one’s business.

Narrates a story

The proverb “A picture is worth a thousand words” would have been iterated a number of times because it holds true till present times. A brand should convey special moments and stories to its audience to build a lasting relationship with them. Communicating such sentiments suitably is how a brand can influence a prospect to become a customer. Graphic designs are an effective way to achieve this. Designs do speak louder than words!

Builds trust

The present is such that every little bit of information is searched for and consumed form digital spaces. A poor visual that is not easily understandable will cause the audience to question a brand’s effectiveness. People respond positively to a creative, relatable illustration. Businesses can thus leverage rich visuals to instil confidence in and build trust with the audience.

Establishes professionalism

A business that is serious about its work, irrelative of the existing clients or its size, will ensure to employ effective and commendable graphic designs to portray its professionalism and seriousness. 

Facing the evolving consumer demands and the accumulation of companies in each domain, undoubtedly, a good design is capable of deriving the necessary results for a business.

We At Digital X …

Professional Graphic Designer

The professional graphic designers at Digital X create intuitive and efficient designs that elevate a brand to a few levels higher. We generate phenomenal visual environments that will help brands clearly communicate the intended messages. Our visuals are not just images; they hold the capability of expressing what one cannot with mere words. We are driven by a passion for creation and are every-ready to expose our wildest imaginations through our designs whilst keeping our client’s requirements in mind.

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