Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

The world is spinning swiftly and there are no signs of it stopping anytime in the future. And all thanks to the Internet for that. Without this invincible tool, the world would not be what it is today. And marketing wouldn’t stand a chance if not for the Internet.

It is important to always be in the know of new advancements as it would give the company the edge to blow away the competition. Digital X has curated a list of Digital Marketing Trends to look out for 2019. And we are compliant with all the Digital Marketing Services that we offer because we have a penchant for Digital Marketing Services.

1. Content is the Superstar

Digital Content Marketing TechniquesThere is no ruling out Content anytime. It forms the foundation for all Digital Marketing techniques to date. Using bespoke content for your audience will drive the passion to buy your products and avail your services. Because no better pen to empathize about the product than the product owner himself. You need to study your audience and craft what will interest them. Vernacular content will be a huge hit soon substantiating its high performance already.

2. Chatbots usage will Multiply

Chatbots UsageChatbots are the new virtual ‘concierge’ handling and fulfilling your customer’s needs. They interact with humans naturally that it is difficult to identify its programmed. They promote personalized, focused interactions without prying too heavy from human resources. In continuation of its significant growth in 2018, it is very likely to continue in 2019.

3. Email is Evergreen

Email Marketing TrendEmail continues to be on the top for increasing RoI, with almost 90% of the population using it daily. Emails and marketing have remained to be a deadly combination for automation and personalization. Email is the last “trigger” to compel action and make the customers buy your product. Oh, it all depends on your strategy.

4. Voice Search

Voice SearchThe advent of using virtual assistants like Siri on iPhones or Cortana in Windows have revolutionized the voice search. It is one of the biggest and most rapidly progressing Digital Marketing trend today.

It has shaped the e-commerce industry by far and will continue to leave a footprint on the remaining industries too. Research says that by early 2021, voice search will increase the revenue of digital commerce by 30% if the businesses redesign their websites to support voice search.

5. Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing TrendThe video and image-rich social media platform are optimized efficiently for people to share videos and photos, from the past and real-time. It is now the ubiquitous computing device and is rapidly growing on subscriptions daily.
Instagram has already crossed one billion and it will continue to grow bigger. For business and people under 30 mostly, Instagram has a lot to offer.

6. The Supreme Video Marketing

Video Digital Marketing73% of all Americans are active on YouTube. Whilst YouTube may be the first go-to for videos, you don’t have to stop yourself from putting videos on Facebook and Instagram.

Video digital marketing has a lot to offer to the world’s hardest buyers but when strategized and planned with the right resources, there is no force that can stop you from selling your product. With video, you can curate all incredibly accurate and useful user metrics of digital media to communicate your brand’s personality and information. The longer you cling to video production, the higher the gains you can make.

7. Next generation ‘SEO’

Next Generation SEO TrendWith Google’s Page Speed update in 2018, the search algorithms are more updated and have kept the digital marketers literally on their toes. There is a huge change in the search trends and mobile phones have dominated the usage of getting online. To remain on the foremost position on search engines, the businesses must create web pages with the audience in mind, give extra care for user experience, amalgamate various media types in each page, apply white hat backlisting strategies, optimise every single page for load speed, use a sitemap and schema markup, concentrate on video development, build valuable and informative content, and finally optimize for local search. These tactics will continue to trend in 2019 and beyond.

Final Thoughts:

Whether you are left behind or you are preparing your business for transforming digital marketing trends, one thing is certain: Businesses cannot afford to cease building and implementing new opportunities for marketing.

To stay on the top ‘digitally’ in 2019, you’ll need to harness the tools that have control over your marketing engine. Whether it is AI or Google’s best algorithm or new personalization tools, ensure to update yourselves with marketing innovations that matter to your business.

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