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Did you know….? 

Emails generate a 3,800 % RoI, i.e. $38 for every $1 spent! 

What is Email Marketing, anyways?

A method of communicating a commercial message to a cadre of people via emails is called email marketing. In a very broad manner, every email that a company or a brand sends to its prospects is considered email marketing. 

Although pens and papers will never lose its influence when it comes to conveying personal feelings and personal messages, emails have started taking the upper hand in communicating both personal and professional information. Communication in email marketing is very quick and effective. Emails have found its way to be sent and received by almost 269 billion in the world on a daily basis – Isn’t this stats sound enough to tell you how email marketing can be effective for your brand

The challenge, however, comes to identifying and employing the best email marketing tool to achieve that huge success for your brand. 

Jet X Email, a very own product of Digital Transformation Moguls – Digital X has till date proved to be one of the leading email marketing tools to give your email 5x more open rate. 

With the right email marketing platforms, businesses can not only reach the right audience but also increase the chances of open rates to convert potential customers into actual customers. It is the most preferred platform to create brand awareness and establish a strong connection for your audience in their minds. With email marketing at your disposal, you can rightly segment your marketing content as per your audience, hit individually, and customize the message depending on your association with that recipient.

Email is never dead or needs no resurrection, whatsoever! 

Whatever are your marketing goals, we make it possible with Jet X email service.

Do you still need assurance? Keep reading how?

(I) Get permission

Email marketing is reaching out to the ‘right’ audience – nothing more and nothing less. For this to happen, you might need to build a subscribers list that sincerely wants to engage with your brand and become recipients to your emails. 

Asking for permission and giving your potential subscribers the option to opt-in will save your brand’s reputation, cost, time and effort. The permission will help you kindle your relationship with your customers and increase your brand awareness. Hence, Consent is essential. 

Sending emails to people who have not expressed their interest to receive emails from you are certainly going to damage your reputation and in the worst case, would land your emails to spam.

As leading digital marketing consultants of Dubai, at Digital X, we are very focused on building a genuine subscriber’s list that has got the approval from your potential customers. 

(II) Personalize every message

The number of emails that an individual receives day-in and day-out are so many. And as a marketer, you have the greatest responsibility of making your email campaigns stand out and not allow to get lost in the heap. This is definitely a task that requires a lot of time. And segmentation and personalization will come handy here. 

Segmentation: Before sending an email, make it a point to leaf through your email subscribers and segment only those customers that will benefit from that particular message in the email. If it is a sales email, you may want to consider the gender, age, purchase pattern, demographics etc to narrow your decision about that customer. With the right segmentation, you also get a chance to set priorities for your content. 

Personalization: The key here to increase your brand’s reputation and build loyalty. From personalizing the subject line to sending targeted behavioral emails, you have a plethora of strategies to attract attention to your emails. This leaves you with a strong reason to why you should segment and personalize every email that you send to your recipient. 

With Jet X Email service, the email marketing experts of Digital X are sure to give your customer the right message they want to open their inbox to. 

(III) Welcome your customer with a welcome email

What’s your way to tell a ‘Thank You’ to your customer for having opted to receive your email? A Welcome Email. Period.

A brief welcome email will help in building your brand’s reputation and establish a strong connection with your audiences. Make use of this opportunity to talk about your brand and how your new entry to the list will benefit from your business. You precisely should build trust with your customers and let them know that they can depend on you. 

Digital X’s email marketing experts are certain to sure-fire your brand’s image and awareness amidst your customer’s mind in just a little time with a strong and powerful welcome message. 

(IV) Provide only value

Let’s admit, we do not want to get disappointed after openings some email that we had subscribed to. Providing ultimate value to your customer in every email that you send will either make or break your brand. As skilled email marketers of Dubai, we prefer and only work on the former. 

Delivering valuable content and relevant message to only those customers that will benefit is the key to boost your brand’s awareness. Researching your target audience’s preferences, likes and dislikes based on their internet history should save you that huge step later on. 

See, if testimonial or your past success can be leveraged to build trust. It would make your recipients understand your brand on a personal level whilst also boosting your recommendation with their friends and family. 

(V) Have a strong CTA

Now that you have followed the aforementioned tips to give your brand a strong reach, you now need to focus again on one of the most important factor – Call-to-action aka CTA. Simply put, your CTA should be the element to prompt your customer to take the further step of conversion. For this reason, it makes your CTA an indispensable tool to improve your brand awareness. 

Using multiple CTAs solely depend on the kind of email that you send to your customers. Having multiple CTAs in a single email that does not require may end up confusing your audience. Plan and accordingly place a CTA to drive your customer to the next journey in your brand awareness tour. 

(VI) Your landing page should sync with your email

Your customers do not want to see different messages for the same brand. It is mandatory to align your email with the landing page or the targeted page of your website in order to maintain consistency. The key to this is to first plan and execute your landing pages of the website and derive email content. 

From the home page, brand logo, style of content, layout, colour, etc. everything should be in sync. 

(VII) Be consistent

Being consistent in delivering emails to your subscribers is the only way to survive in the market. With lots of competitors in your field, it is very easy to get lost in the crowd. The key element to register your brand in your customer’s mind is to constantly keep reminding them about you in their preference. 

Work out on an email strategy before you send your first email to your prospect. That should define ways to any option your customer might probably choose. If your customers can trust you in little things like receiving only the apt message at the promised time every day of the week or every week of the month, you are likely to gain more trust and confidence and this will trigger your business.

Wrapping Up

As professional email marketers of Dubai, we know what it takes to create loyalty and trust in customers. This will not happen overnight. Leave your worry with us and we will take care of building your brand knowledge to your prospects and driving measurable results for your company. 

With Jet X email service – a powerful, easy to use email marketing platform designed to achieve your marketing goals – choose captivating pre-designed email templates, build content, get personal, easily segment and reach big numbers, optimise message delivery, and track email success rate, all without being a pro.

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