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You are overwhelmed with your recipient’s list and you have a new thing to announce. You read, you get a lot of ‘aha’ moments in your minds, try to mind map your ideas and finally arrive at one final ‘fine’ idea. After all the improvements with best practices, boom goes the email.

After a day, you figure that you had put in a lot of efforts to your first email campaign only to realize that people are not listening. So what do you do now?

Before you get into the best practices, understand

How email marketing can help your brand?

Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing, when done well, possesses the highest ROI of all marketing means. Thoughtful email marketing will contribute towards your brand’s success and the best Email Marketing Services will build you a genuine subscribers list. Although it takes time, it will be worth it when you see minimal unsubscription rates relatively. When you focus towards instant gratification, you will often end up costing your time and reputation in the long haul.

Digital X offers the best Email Marketing Services with Jet X. Being a top provider of Email Marketing Services in Dubai, Jet X exactly has been designed with the fundamentals right to make email marketing easy for you.

Here’s a list of best Email Marketing practices that you need to stick to before sending those mighty emails.

Do not buy email lists

When it comes to email marketing, strictly no shortcuts. It will be easy to pay for the lists and boast that your recipient list looks huge. However, it would only ruin your reputation and won’t add any value to it.

It is always recommended to invest your time knowing the audience and delivering the content that they would love to read. This way, you invest in your credibility and trust. To build your email lists, promote email sign-ups on your website, blog, popups, social media pages and even on landing pages. It’s highly important that you communicate the right message with your audience whilst getting their email addresses. Legible building increases the whitelisting count and decreases the spam count.

Write unique subject lines and valuable content

Your subject line helps your customer decide if that email needs to be opened. The subject line between 40 – 60 characters with an intriguing message or question are likely to have a higher open rate. So intrigue the readers, add some thought-provoking and compelling mojo to the email just like your brand.

Ask your customers for frequency

It’s very important that you communicate about your email frequency with the audience during signup. This is a clear confirmation that they are expecting your emails. This said, you neither get to bombard nor leave alone their inboxes. Choose your marketing tool, wisely. Whilst there is no golden number to how many emails are correct, you can still work on your engagement metrics strategy that will leave you to decide how your audiences like to be contacted. The best way is to allow themselves to answer that question.

Eg: How often would you want to know about your brand?

  • Every New arrival
  • 2-3 emails a week
  • All the Discounts, Year-end sales and festive offers

Define your Call-To-Action with a purpose

Like Subject line, like CTA. Now, you know your subscribers, the frequency in which they would like to receive your emails, the subject line that would persuade them to open the email. The next goal is to get these subscribers to add value to your business, simply, by clicking your CTAs. There is no point of sending emails when there is no good reason to act on your email. Compelling CTA adds to 28% of conversion rates and it directly contributes to your sales successes.

Optimize your CTA by writing an inspiring, actionable and compelling text. Research some keywords for your business, the offers you give, and the type of audience. Following these steps may help:

  • Design the email’s content based on the CTA
  • Make it more apparent
  • Unclutter the space around CTA
  • Include only 1 or max 2 CTAs

Offer valuable information

Email Marketing Techniques

This depends on the industry and what you want your customers to understand your brand. From a free white paper download of case studies to a trial product, fully understand if this will add value to your customer. Tagging a sense of urgency to your content by offering a designated number, increases the chances of high sales.

Remember, with email marketing comes the high risk of being perceived as spam when you use ‘spray and pray’ technique.

Surprise your loyal customers with bespoke offers

With the best email marketing tool, you can definitely sort out your loyal customers. It is the best technique to keep them happy by offering personalized discounts or something in their favour from your brand. This will help them build trust in you and will motivate them to check for your brand updates frequently. In a way, you are getting your brand ambassadors right.

Possess a dedicated IP Address

Email delivery depends on your IP reputation. Period. When you have a high email engagement, around 100,000 emails per week, you are your influencer and you need to manage your reputation with a dedicated IP. You cannot afford to use shared IP addresses as it will cost your brand’s reputation. Email service providers generally screen the status of dedicated IPs to make certain that they have high deliverability score.

Unveil your location

Regardless of having your business in different countries, ensure that you are docile with every country’s email legislation before sending the emails.

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